Monday, November 8, 2010

HUGGLES For Blackwood Hospital This Week

Wednesday this week Pat & I are off to the Blackwood Hospital for his appointment with his respiratory specialist.

This means we are also taking some softies up with us for the children there. How exciting will this be???

Here are photos of the softies that will be making the trip and who they are from.

Jude Stuff's sister sent me these through Jude and what a bunch of lovely little teddies. Thanks so much Jude's sister, your an angel.

These little knitted teddies are from Naomi, she knitted these herself and I know she has more to sew up and stuff. Those will go to a hospital when she has them finished and given to me. Thanks Naomi, your a treasure too.

Jill sent these little beauties she had made for the children. What a colourful bunch of softies and thanks Jill for your time and goodness for making them for the kids.

Okay who's a slacker I ask you???? Yeah me!!!

Gee where has the time gone I ask you??? I am going to have some piggies made and ready to stuff at Dawn's place tomorrow. Mind you, I'll need some fiber fill

I was at Spotlight this morning too and forgot all about picking it up. So tomorrow I'll whiz in and grab it. Great excuse to drop in at the Clovercreast Spotty and see what they have in the way of fabric for animals.

The ABC fabric was $12.95 a metre and I bought half a metre as I also want to make some baby bibs for a little sweet Great Niece. That ABC fabric is also available in a lemon colourway too. The star fabric was on special for $5.00 a metre on the reduced table.

Well this isn't getting those pigs cut and I'm off.......

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Maria said...

What a great pile of softies to take to the hospital.
I also need to get my A into gear and make one to send to you now the hanging is over.
Can you please give me your snail mail address. thanks

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Lucky, Lovely bunch of softies there. Will definitely put a smile on some litle one's faces. Sorry I haven't got around to doing any yet, but I do intend to make some for you at a later date.
I was thinking of you over the weekend. Hope the wedding went well!:-)

Chris H said...

I hope you find some lovely fabric for he piggies!

Crafty Chookie said...

I hope all goes well at the hospital...My son just went in for an operation on his nose to help him breathe better..He also suffers from Sleep Apanea..As soon as they put him into a ward, the staff were giving him arts & crafts to do when he felt better and to take home...They do a great job for the kids and so will the teddies...Hugs