Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dream Run This Weekend

On Friday I announced to the world I was having a 2 day sewing festival. Boy I am stoked as that is exactly what happened.

Only breaks I had was, a trip to the supermarket, prepare meals, dishes, animals, gardening this morning and sleep.

It's now Sunday afternoon and the time is 4 pm. The table runner festival has come to a screaming halt. I have run out of Parlan and I need to order more this coming payday from Under The Mulberry Tree.

But I am so thrilled with the results of the last couple of day.

Back a while I won a Moda "Lakeside Resort" pack of 2.5 inch pre-cut squares from Dawn's blog. I wanted to use the Moda fabric for something special for my own use. I picked Crisp Delight table runner that Dawn has designed herself and is on her blog as a free down load.

I finished the binding off late last night while watch a DVD. Think it was at 11.30 when I headed off to bed for the night. Can't wait to show Dawn and the girls this Tuesday at quilting.

I crawled out of bed at about 9.30 this morning and after breakfast I put 90 mins into the vegie garden.

Garden looks great for it and I so enjoyed the time out there.

Yesterday afternoon I sewed up a Christmas table runner that is a Christmas present for a lovely lady. This caused me some concern as I have never made anything so bright in my life.!!

I actually asked the girls on a craft forum, their opinions on it. I wasn't sure about the colours I had picked and if it was too busy and if the colours clashed too much. The girls were great in their opinions and offered what colour the binding they would use.

Once the quilting was done I actually found myself liking the brightness of the runner. Now with the binding, I need to see what I have in scraps to decide if the binding will be done in cream, green or red. Then that's another thing on my list for next payday and a trip to Spotlight.

Today I have pieced together my first ever Christmas table runner for our house. Same pattern, just different fabrics. No more can be done on this until the parlan has been ordered and delivered. So its now hangs on the wall in my sewing room along with the other table runner.

Both table runners together.

I still have another Christmas table runner to make, this one will be going to Amy. Think I'll leave that one until next weekend as its a bit more involved.

Technically they are still on coat hangers and technically those coat hangers aren't free for me to start a new project.

But then technically they will be finished as soon as the parlan arrives. So I think I am safe to start a new project.

Like my first damn.....whhhoooo hooo.

On that note I have a rabbit hutch that needs cleaning out and a broody bantam that needs a house made up so she can be set with 6 eggs tonight.

Only the quick and the dead in this house!!!

You're only limited by your imagination.


Maria said...

Well done Leeanne. Both of your table runners a gorgeous.

Heather said...

wow Lucky you sure have been busy- cant wait to see them on tuesday, they look great, hope to see some wedding photos also ?