Thursday, November 11, 2010

Almost Finished

On Tuesday and Friday when I go to my dear friends house for quilting I like to take a stitchery as its so much easier to transport and do at the tables.

Not sure how long I have been working on my first wall hanger, but its almost finished.

I chose a different colourway to the designer's colours. I used Moda Aster Manor and matched up the DMC threads.

Now you maybe wondering what I am going to be taking next time I head off to quilting? There is a new project in the wings and I have started to get things rolling in the sewing room.

Remember these fabrics I rewarded myself with for loosing those 2 kilo? Well they are starting me off while I wait until next payday, to order more Moda Rural Jardin from America in a fortnight.

First time I will be ordering yardage fabric overseas and I'm pretty darn excited about it. I am always supporting the quilting shops here in Adelaide, but this time round I'm putting my $$$ where I can get more for my bucks.

Oh I haven't told you want I am going to make with it have I???? Silly me!!!!

Life Is Beautiful I think this site has the best photos of the quilt for you to see. Just scroll down past all the Japanese quilts and you can see it. There is a quilt in Japanese fabric and 2 in Moda French General fabrics.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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I have no time frame to have it completed by, due to the stitchery being done mostly on these 2 days.


Melissa said...

That Life is Beautiful quilt is wonderful! But it looks like a ton of work! Your stitching would be a wonderful feature on it!

Jude said...

Looking good Leanne and I hope Patrick is feeling better. We missed you Tuesday , hope you are there next week and you missed seeing my twin quilt.

Anita said...

You're wall hanging is beautiful!! I love the fabrics and great stitching.