Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zip-a-do-da Zip-a-dee-day

Who's a clever chickie babe????? mrgreen

Yesterday I was shown how to sew a zipper into a little bag. I have one from Geniene and I love it to bits. The little "Spring Magic" Moda cupcake roll she sent me last year was begging to be used in something special and special is what the strips were used in.

Amy & Ben gave me some goodies in a pretty box for Christmas 2008 to help me out when I first started sewing. One of the items were some zippers. Never sewn a zipper before and so I was amazed how simple they are it pop into a bag.

Sides were already cut and sewn during the week, to make it easier on the day.

This is my bag, one of many I am sure I'll just go crazy making. Already I have ideas and designs floating or should I say spinning around in my head.

Inside I used yellow fabric with white shapes on the fabric for the lining. This bag will be used for carrying sewing goodies from my place to where ever I walk or travel.

Khris instructed me on how to put the sides, zipper and lining together. Then I made the second one by myself, just so I remembered the whole concept of putting it together.

This one is a stocking filler for Amy. She's a pink girl and I am sure she'll love the bag. The fabric its sitting on, Ben & Amy gave to me as a stocking filler last year for Christmas.

I used that as the liner for Amy's bag.

So glad I thought to make a second bag for me to make on my own. As I sewed it back to front eek on one side. LOL

Far too much laughing and talking at the table yesterday. lol

There is enough fabric left over to make another one.

I'm thinking of a blue zipper bag for Ben's mum, to go with her Christmas table runner.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Quiltin' Sandy said...

Very pretty, Lucky. I'm sure your DD will love it.:-)

Linda said...

You did an excellent job, they look great. Pretty and useful.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

That is one thing that I have yet to get around to doing. I used to be able to sew zippers into skirts. One of the best ways to learn a new skill is what you did, or even make a couple more, by the end you have the skill down pat and will be able to do it with your eyes shut (well not quite)

Chris H said...

WELL DONE! I have only done one zip in a bag so far... I must try to do more so I'm more confident at zips!

sandra said...

they look great lucky. Zips are easy when someone shows you aren't they!

Karen's Korner said...

Very pretty and I am sure they will be well received.

Shirlwin said...

Your first zipper effort is A+!! Well done. The purses look gorgeous:)

Khris said...

You are a clever chooky and I am so happy I can help you learn something new...hugs Khris

Narelle said...

Leanne, Congratulations on doing a zip. Those little purses look just lovely and a great stocking stuffer.

miss~nance said...

Well done Leanne - they are very very nice.


Jude said...

A really gret job leanne, but wheres mine.