Saturday, September 4, 2010

HUGGLES From New Zealand

Chris in New Zealand has sent me a cute little duck for our HUGGLES For Kids drive.

Isn't he just a happy little duck and I am sure he's going to get up to lots of mischief with a little human friend down the track.

Thanks so much Chris for sending him all the way over from New Zealand. I'll check you blog tonight as well, to see if your okay after the earthquake.

Percy has been making friends with the little duck too, guess Percy is a bit lonely with Petunia & Rodney on their honeymoon.??

Chris's little duck is the first softy in the second round. So he's looking for some friends to hang out with. If you would like to make a softy or two for my HUGGLES For Kids drive, you are most welcome. Just need to contact me when your ready to send.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Chris H said...

Awwww, so glad the wee duck has some company! And I hope you get lots more little softies for the kids.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

cute little duck, Lucky. gonna make some little kid very happy.:-)

Robyn said...

There's a little herd of Dorpers on the way but they don't like being shifted from the home paddock so I may have to put my Border Collie on the job :)!