Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Flower Hexi

I have always admired the hexagons in photos when I am browsing a quilting magazine. When I saw the first hexi flower in the fabric, so to speak....... I was hooked.

I wanted to learn who to make them and I just couldn't believe my luck when the hexi flower swap came up on the Craft Forum.

My first ever hexi was sent to Norma.

I have picked for these swaps a cream centre with either red/burgundy, yellow, green or purple petals. Just had a hard time picking a colour and so I thought why not give my swapper a free choice.

As it was a down the line swap mine was from Elly. I love the play of the fabric for the petals.

Really looking forward to this monthly swap.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Chris H said...

Beautiful! I shall have to try doing one soon!

Maria said...

Your hexi flower looks great. They are so relaxing to just sit and stitch

Shirlwin said...

These hexis are fun! I like the idea of having a choice of colour as it makes waiting on the post more exciting:)

sandra said...

you'll be addicted to the hexies now Leanne, you can put them on just about anything too.

Liz said...

Both you and Elly did a good job. Looking forward to seeing some more.