Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cutting Up A Monday

Monday of this week I decided to spend my sewing time cutting fabric for some projects I have waiting to be made. There is something about cutting fabric I find relaxing.

Our old 21 year old portable TV died and so I have only a radio for company in my sewing room. Unless I take my laptop in and play DVD movies.

So I moved my sewing table into the lounge room and for the first time since Pa bought me the sewing table, I was cutting fabric outside the sewing room. The sewing cabinet has made such a difference to my sewing room.

I had the TV on and started cutting just before Dr. Phil started. I wanted to get 4 table runners ready by the end of the day. I wasn't going to push myself and I wasn't going to be annoyed if I didn't get them all cut out.

On my list was Dawn Hay's "Crisp Delight" table runner for myself with the Lakeside Resort Moda 2 & 1/2 inch squares I won on her give away.

Amy's table runner in Christmas fabric, my Christmas table runner and also one for Anne (Amy's second mum) in a Christmas theme as well.

TV makes a great background noise when concentrating on measuring fabric. This photo was taken just before 2 pm and Oliver was on the phone (up the telephone pole) taking to a guy in the city about Arnold the pig being the possible heir to millions of dollars. That was part one and I didn't get to see part 2 as I was with my sewing sisters.

By this time the fabric for Dawn's "Crisp Delight" was cut and bagged. I was then playing with Christmas fabrics try to match them up.

By this time lunch had been and gone and I was working on the Christmas Table runners. Mine & Anne's will be from the same pattern. Amy's will be one of Vicki's patterns from Tozz's Corner.

When I start to piece them together I'll show you what patterns they are.

You'll also be happy to know in the afternoon shows that E.J. is still annoyed with Sammy and Nichole is starting to squirm more with the baby swap. And for the people who haven't watched in in years. John and Marlena have left the show and we do have some new story

Judge Judy kicked butt as always. Then it was a DVD until The bold & the ugly came on.

Cutting was going great by the way and another couple of table runners were bagged and ready for piecing.

Time then to move into the kitchen to feed the fur kids and Patrick & myself. Dishes done and back to the slave table.

By now it was Two & a Half Men, doesn't matter how many times I watch this show I still laugh.

Last table runner to be done and then it was clean up time.

All finished and bagged, ready to be put together. I have the fabric for the 2 table runners the same packed into the same bag.

Figured I may as well vac the sewing room while the cabinet was out, then it was time to pack it all away.

Now to lay down and and watch Criminal Minds and bask in the knowledge I has achieved what I set out to do at about 11 am that day.

Hope your Monday was as rewarding as what mine was.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Quiltin' Sandy said...

WOW Lucky, you did so well!!! made me tired just reading about it. LOL.
btw I LOVE Two and a Half men but my sis and friend can't stand it. I think they are hilarious. and for some reason ' Alan" reminds me of a young Jerry Lewis. :-)

Karen's Korner said...

That sounds an ideal way to spend a Monday. You certainly achieved a lot. Well done.

Chris H said...

Too funny! the running commentory of what was on the TV was great! I havn't watche The Days of Our Lives in years... Marlena is GONE!!! About time. What Baby Swap??? OMG what have I missed! I used to be so hooked on that programme!
And The Young and the Restless.. which New Zealand doesn't get anymore! I loved that one.
I watch TV in my sewing room all the time, mostly just for background entertainment!
Thanks for the laugh.

barb's creations said...

Boy I'm tired just reading what you achieved today Lucky,I think I'll head off to bed too lol.
Congratulations on achieving everything you set out to do today :) Barb.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

You did quite a lot, it makes a big difference having a table like that to cut out on. I'm currently looking for one. Hopefully you got to watch Criminal Minds and not fall asleep.