Saturday, August 14, 2010

Presenting ....My Dream Bag.

Last November, 29th to be exact I posted about material I had bought for my dream bag.

I am so proud to say that as of 15 minutes ago I finished it off. Its been about a 9 month journey as it hasn't been a priority on my list of items to be made. The bag has been a fill in between swaps and items for gifts and a few things for myself.

Today I just had to do the pockets, lining, handles and put the bag together.

I took photos as I went to show you what I did.

I wanted pockets and a lot of them inside, so I threw out the ones in the instructions and went with what I wanted. The top pocket is for pens and other little items, such as a stitch ripper.

The raw edges were put to the bottom with the 2 bigger pockets and sewed in when put together. I learnt that one from the pattern, so I didn't ignore all the instructions.

Bigger piece of fabric, but with this one I sewed up the centre to make it into 2 smaller pockets.

The fabric I picked for the lining is called "Freckles" and was bought at Hetties Patch. So love that shop. Inside of the bag, plenty of room in there, even for the kitchen sink.

Front of the bag. I used Moda Collection For a Cause (Legacy) for the checkerboard parts of the pattern.

The back was really a quick session when I did it. Very easy and I use more of the fabric I had for the flowers on the front.

Looks at the size of it. Pat was very good and took heaps of photos before I was happy with the one I picked.

Don't think the flying geese look out of place and I am so glad I didn't let those pieced blocks that I couldn't manage, stop me from completing the bag.

Can't wait to show the girls on Tuesday morning at our sewing group.

So proud of my bag and I just know it's going to get lots of use.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Anonymous said...

really well done Leanne, you are getting better all the time. Such pretty colours. Margarita

Robyn said...

I think the flying geese are perfect on the bag. They seem to define the rest of the pattern and make it stand out more. Gosh, you could almost fit Pat in that bag along with your sewing things! It's a biiiigg bag. Adore all the pockets :).

Renny's little things said...

OMG what the heck are you going to fit in that little bag?
Truely it is fantastic you have done a great job. Puts some truth in the saying I'm only taking one bag!!!
Geniene xx

Karen's Korner said...

It is certainly a "dream bag". It looks fabulous and I love the size.

Doris said...

Leanne, it's just gorgeous. You must be so happy with it! Well done. Doris..

angela said...

what a great bag. And its ready to go shopping with

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Your bag looks really great Leanne, you definitely could fit the kitchen sink in there, it is huge. The flying gees on the sides don't look out of place at all.

Chris H said...

Good grief girl... you have a lot of blogs!!!
I am only going to follow this one OK?
Your bag is gorgeous!!!