Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Huggles For Kids

I had an idea after going with Patrick to the local hospital for an appointment at Pathology, when I saw this poster asking for teddies to be knitted for small sick children who have blood taken for tests.

This idea then grew to asking people, over the month of August for softies to be donated to help me have a good amount to take in.

The response has been over whelming. Another 2 softies arrive yesterday from Jill.

Thank you so much Jill, they are just so cute. Being a cat person myself I gave them a good cuddle once they both popped out of their postage bag. I'm sure they will be loved by a child along with all the others.

I have decided to continue this project as a regular gift from my sewing room to little kids who need a Huggle from a little toy who can help them feel better.

If you can't make a softy this month, you may have the time later on. Just contact me and I'll email you my address for posting them.

Huggle For Kids has been born and if you would like to donate a softy at any time, you are most welcome.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Dawn said...

Huggles are so nice and the kids will adore them... Lucky your a treasure and such a blessing.. well done.
Hugs or should I say Huggles...he he..Dawn x x x

Maria said...

I am so pleased you have decided to have "Huggles for Kids" as a on going project.
Run out of time for Aug but would love to make a softie later.
What a thoughtful project.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Lucky, those toys are so cute. I am really glad that decided to have this as an "ongoing" thing, as I would like to get around to making one or two for you, just not able to right at this moment. I would so love to see the look on the little kids faces when they receive their "Huggles" though. hugs, Sandy.

Chris H said...

What a lovely idea. Good for you.

Jude said...

Mine are cut out now lucky and hopefully sewed soon, see you in a accouple of weeks.