Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dead Iron

There are a few things that can strike terror in the heart of a quilter. One of them is a dead iron.

Mine is deader than a door nail. I was ironing a few pillow cases (yes I like a crisp crease in a pillow case) and my expensive iron started sending up smoke signals.

Pat had a look and due to not being able to get into the iron to have a look, we had a quick goodbye service at the bin. I then went into shock thinking I couldn't do any sewing until the end of the month, when it is payday again.

Then I got thinking after a 30 minute mourning and thought, I use the iron more for sewing these day as there no school or work uniforms now to be ironed in the house.

So I went down to Sam's Warehouse and bought a cheap arse $10 iron with a 12 month warranty. James called in for a coffee and said he has that iron and it is doing a good job in his house. I can keep sewing........yay.

As the iron died I had just finished sewing this little pin cushion up.

I used 3 charm squares from some left over Moda "Gobble Gobble" I was given. The buttons were given to me in a swap at one stage too.

Love pumpkins..... so I can use it either way. Button is a little off, but for a first time making this sort of pin cushion, I'm happy with it.

This one will be left in my sewing bag for when I am out of the house and sewing. That way I have a few pins as I am always borrowing other people's. lol

The pin cushion can be found in the latest Handmade Vol 28 No 4 designed by Heather Lownds.

As soon as I saw the little item I though...purr-fect for my sewing tote.

Plus it was a little bit of fun for this afternoon, making a quick project.

You're only limited by your imagination

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barb's creations said...

Love your pincushion Leanne.Glad to hear you found a quick solution to your iron problem.Nothing worse than not being able to sew :) Barb.

Jilly said...

Hi Hun, mine was about $10 and it's been alive for years! I am glad you got one so soon.
Life without sewing??? Well I just can't imagine it!

Shirlwin said...

A smoking iron is a dying iron! The new one looks great ... love the blue colour!
Those pincushions will be ever so useful, we can never have too many.

Karen's Korner said...

Commiserations about your iron...but life has to go on and I am sure that the cheapie will do just as good a job. Sweet pincushions.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Don't you just hate that, our iron appeared to die a while ago, but as it was still under warranty we were able to get it fixed. We still have an older iron which is our back up iron and I have a tiny iron for doing my quilting etc.

Michell said...

Ahhh the fear of a good iron breaking down. I was only thinking the other day about what would happen if I need a new one as the one I have is fab. Luckily all I need at the moment is a new ironing board cover on my granmothers one I have