Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First HUGGLES Delivery

Today our first delivery of HUGGLES For Kids softies were delivered to the Lyell McEwin Hospital IMVS area of the hospital.

The girls were stoked at all 30 softies that I delivered, describing it as "awesome".

Catherine and Roz were happy to pose with some of the softies, so that you beautiful ladies who posted them to me, could see all those lovely gifts you made, had arrived where they were meant to go.

Thanks again for you generous gifts and from what the girls said, they will be well received not only by a child but the parents as well.

Don't forget this is going to be on going from now on...... I'm going to make some chickens next. The girls said small softies are great for little hands.

Once again thank you so much ladies and I look forward to any future softies that you make and send to me for HUGGLES For Kids.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starting Over

For a while now I haven't been happy with my Dear Jane. I have decided to start over as I have only made about 9 or so blocks.

When I started the Dear Jane I wasn't aware of all the beautiful fabric out in the quilting world. Now I know differently, some questions started to rise.

  • Quality of the background fabric I had chosen.
  • Colour of the background fabric
  • Theme of the other I use with the background fabric
So after some soul searching and putting questions to other quilters, I have chosen the following.

Green fabric will be the main colour, I did see a DJ quilt in blues and it was stunning, but when I popped all my greens together, I thought wow!!!!

My background fabric is from Hettie's Patch and its a better quality to what I was using....homespun from Spotlight. If you look close enough there is a leaf print on the fabric.

Now some other show and tell......

Pat thinks the house is becoming over run with pigs. he should be just grateful I can't have a real one in the backyard......lol

Isn't this little pig just the cutest??? Kerrie from the Friday sewing group gave him to me. I love him and he seems to be moving from door handle to door handle in the kitchen. Kerrie has been making these for years. I feel so special having him in my kitchen.

This cushion cover has come to a halt until payday. I don't have the right coloured ricrac for the embellishment part of the front.

That is about it today from my sewing room......

You're only limited by your imagination

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Huggles For Kids

I had an idea after going with Patrick to the local hospital for an appointment at Pathology, when I saw this poster asking for teddies to be knitted for small sick children who have blood taken for tests.

This idea then grew to asking people, over the month of August for softies to be donated to help me have a good amount to take in.

The response has been over whelming. Another 2 softies arrive yesterday from Jill.

Thank you so much Jill, they are just so cute. Being a cat person myself I gave them a good cuddle once they both popped out of their postage bag. I'm sure they will be loved by a child along with all the others.

I have decided to continue this project as a regular gift from my sewing room to little kids who need a Huggle from a little toy who can help them feel better.

If you can't make a softy this month, you may have the time later on. Just contact me and I'll email you my address for posting them.

Huggle For Kids has been born and if you would like to donate a softy at any time, you are most welcome.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dead Iron

There are a few things that can strike terror in the heart of a quilter. One of them is a dead iron.

Mine is deader than a door nail. I was ironing a few pillow cases (yes I like a crisp crease in a pillow case) and my expensive iron started sending up smoke signals.

Pat had a look and due to not being able to get into the iron to have a look, we had a quick goodbye service at the bin. I then went into shock thinking I couldn't do any sewing until the end of the month, when it is payday again.

Then I got thinking after a 30 minute mourning and thought, I use the iron more for sewing these day as there no school or work uniforms now to be ironed in the house.

So I went down to Sam's Warehouse and bought a cheap arse $10 iron with a 12 month warranty. James called in for a coffee and said he has that iron and it is doing a good job in his house. I can keep sewing........yay.

As the iron died I had just finished sewing this little pin cushion up.

I used 3 charm squares from some left over Moda "Gobble Gobble" I was given. The buttons were given to me in a swap at one stage too.

Love pumpkins..... so I can use it either way. Button is a little off, but for a first time making this sort of pin cushion, I'm happy with it.

This one will be left in my sewing bag for when I am out of the house and sewing. That way I have a few pins as I am always borrowing other people's. lol

The pin cushion can be found in the latest Handmade Vol 28 No 4 designed by Heather Lownds.

As soon as I saw the little item I though...purr-fect for my sewing tote.

Plus it was a little bit of fun for this afternoon, making a quick project.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Friday, August 20, 2010

More Softies

I am so over whelmed with people's generosity in my "Make A Child Feel Good" appeal. Today I received another 15 softies.

Lets take a look, at what was given or sent to me today.

I spent most of the day today at Khris's house with her little sewing group. More fantastic and wonderful ladies to inspire me with their sewing.

Khris had another 2 softies for me. Aren't they just so cute??

Pat stays home and has the house to himself while I am out at my sewing groups...Oh I do like that...plural sewing days. So when I arrived home there was 2 big parcels from the postman waiting for me on the kitchen table.

Aren't these just adorable?? Kylie contacted me and offered these for the little children. I don't know which one is the cutest.

Thank you so much Kylie.

Check out Linda's beautiful ponies she made for the kids. They are just so pretty in a group and when I opened the parcel up a whole herd of pony heads popped up and said "hello".

Thank you as well Linda for your beautiful gift.

Linda's ponies came wrapped in this lovely fabric and I know I'll have lots of fun using them in my sewing room.

Thank you all so much for your giving of these toys, I am sure they will be loved. I know I love them and get to play with them before they all going for a trip to the hospital.

Hugs to you 3 girls for your kindness.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and what a day I had.

I woke to breakfast in bed and 4 jonquils flowers from Pat.

I spent the morning with my sewing sisters and what a wonderful morning it was.

Birthday cake from them, fresh sponge with whipped cream. And presents.

Presents are wonderful and who doesn't like presents????

Judy gave me a Moda charm pack of "Botany" and this gorgeous fabric . This fabric is one of the yummy fabrics she brought back from America when she went over on a quilting tour. When I saw the little cats and darling duck fabric I fell in love with it. Who would believe that months later it would be mine.

Heather gave me 4 DMC skeins and a beautiful peice of fabric with chooks on it. My next bag I want to make is a chook bag...... so guess where this will be used???

Dawn and her family gave me the above goodies. How amazing is that chocolate??? My favourite block of choccie too. I have often looked at those handles for a bag and now I have a set. More pretty DMC threads, these ones are variegated. Plus a photo album for my quilts and projects.

Thank you so much girls for all your hugs, gifts and a wonderful morning.

From the birthday club on the sewing forum I was sent this unusual needle book. I love the daisies on the front and one day I so hope to be able to do ribbon embroidery.

Check out the inside!!!

How cool is this??? It can open from both side.

I have never seen one of these before and I can't work out how it is made.

Love it!! Thank you to all the girls on the forum for my birthday wishes.

I was shown how to make those little hexagons and they are going to be so much fun to make. I can feel a hexi addiction coming on.......lol

From my sister Deb I was given the following 2 gifts.

A cute little bag that folds up and is secured with a ring. Check out the fabric......more chooks.

Plus a beautiful Christmas wall hanger.

Thanks Deb, I love them heaps.

My day didn't end there either.

Once Pat picked me up from Dawn's, I was taken out for lunch by Pat and then into the city for some shopping at the Central Market.

Home by 5.50 in the evening and for tea, a light meal from our kitchen. I was so tired and by this time the phone was ringing with birthday wishes from my brothers and sister. Lots of birthday wishes on Face Book......

Not bad for an old chook of 13.........hehehe

You're only limited by your imagination

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Monday, August 16, 2010

F-R-I-E-N-D-S Swap.

Khris has sent out to all the people taking part in her Friends Swap their swap partner.

I'm so excited as my friend is from America and her name is Donna. We have already exchanged a couple of emails and I can't wait to know my swap partner even more.

While we are in the cold months here, Donna is in the middle of the hot months.

Very happy...no I am thrilled that I have joined in on this swap. mrgreen

Tomorrow is sewing morning with the girls and due to being so sick, I haven't been for 2 weeks. Gosh I hope I don't turn them all deaf with all my talking. eek I tend to talk more when I am excited.

Feeling a lot better, but still having trouble getting my head in the right mode for working out and cutting up fabric. Starting to run short of sewing as I have caught up with so much that was sitting in my sewing room. Thank goodness I had some pre-cut before I became so sick.

I am hoping one of the girls can give me a hand on learning how to make hexi flowers. Scrap material is ready for tomorrow. Always wanted to learn this and when a Round Robin Medallion with hexi flowers in a went past me earlier this year, I fell in love with the whole concept. Can't wait to learn this technique.

Anyway, better go and pack my gear I want to take tomorrow morning.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Presenting ....My Dream Bag.

Last November, 29th to be exact I posted about material I had bought for my dream bag.

I am so proud to say that as of 15 minutes ago I finished it off. Its been about a 9 month journey as it hasn't been a priority on my list of items to be made. The bag has been a fill in between swaps and items for gifts and a few things for myself.

Today I just had to do the pockets, lining, handles and put the bag together.

I took photos as I went to show you what I did.

I wanted pockets and a lot of them inside, so I threw out the ones in the instructions and went with what I wanted. The top pocket is for pens and other little items, such as a stitch ripper.

The raw edges were put to the bottom with the 2 bigger pockets and sewed in when put together. I learnt that one from the pattern, so I didn't ignore all the instructions.

Bigger piece of fabric, but with this one I sewed up the centre to make it into 2 smaller pockets.

The fabric I picked for the lining is called "Freckles" and was bought at Hetties Patch. So love that shop. Inside of the bag, plenty of room in there, even for the kitchen sink.

Front of the bag. I used Moda Collection For a Cause (Legacy) for the checkerboard parts of the pattern.

The back was really a quick session when I did it. Very easy and I use more of the fabric I had for the flowers on the front.

Looks at the size of it. Pat was very good and took heaps of photos before I was happy with the one I picked.

Don't think the flying geese look out of place and I am so glad I didn't let those pieced blocks that I couldn't manage, stop me from completing the bag.

Can't wait to show the girls on Tuesday morning at our sewing group.

So proud of my bag and I just know it's going to get lots of use.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Softies Playing Up.

Yesterday afternoon and into the evening I finished off the little piglets for my toys for making a child feel good. As the piglets went through my hands I found the tail issue became less of a problem for me. Turning the tails the right way out, I am sure would be the most time consuming part.

Anyway all 8 little piglets are finished and waiting for their little playmates to arrive home from Melbourne. Percy, Petunia and Rodney went over for a birthday party.

Well the little devils have been running a muck in the house. So I followed them around with my camera.

This is where they are resting until the trip with all the other softies is taken to the hospital. Don't they look cute and angelic sitting the my basket??

I think they were getting hungry here and like all kids, need to be watched in the kitchen.

Not sure what they were up to here, just glad the sewing machine wasn't switched on.

This is what happens when a computer is left overnight in the sewing room!! Caught them surfing the net. Thank goodness for parent control.!!

Phew glad all sharps were packed away in the door out of their reach.

I think these little guys will be keeping me on my toes until the end of the month.

There is now 13 softies for my hospital drive.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


The last week and a half I have been struggling with a cold/flu that has now become a chest infection. On top of this Pat has also has come down with it and so we are not doing a lot and just taking it day by day.

I thought I'd show you a few of my UFO's that have been teasing me as I bark and cough around my sewing room.

On Tuesday's sewing morning I like to take a stitchery with me as its easier to transport. Some weeks I don't have anything on the go and so I started this wall hanger. I have used Moda "Aster Manor" for the borders.

Hoping there is enough of the stitchery done for you to see what its going to look like.

This "Breast Of Friends" block was started in May after Amy & Ben were married. Has to be the longest time spent on any of the blocks I have done so far. Actually Deb is finding time hasn't been kind to her either with this block. The frame for this block will be done in green.

I was on such a roll with my dream bag, now its come to a grinding holt again. confused Pat kindly held up the UFO's outside for the natural light to show off the colours.

Back of the bag. Still have to put the pellon on the from and back, cut the lining out and also make those pockets.

Yesterday afternoon I curled up and sewed the snouts and eyes on 7 little piglets. Last night I stitched the 3 rows of shoes and finished off the hair on the lady in my Breast Of Friends block.

This morning I have cut out the fabric for this months hexi.

A little bit each day is helping me get over the craving for a whole day in my sewing room.

You're only limited by your imagination

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