Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frustration Big Time Here

Frustration big time here at the moment. I haven't been able to see clearly for a while now and for the last few weeks I have resorted to wearing 2 pairs of glasses when I am hand sewing. Now it had got to the stage where I needed to do this with the sewing machine.

Last week both Pat & I went and had our eyes tested. Pat had a frame replaced, due to it breaking. While I had to have new lenses and to save money I reused the frames I already had.

So now I am down to 1 pair of glasses that I wear all the time. So frustrating as it takes me ages to use the computer and I am not sewing at all. The glasses should be back early this week, I so hope they are. Last Tuesday I played "mother" at sewing group and made all the girls their cuppas.

I did a bit of retail therapy and this helped heaps to make me feel better. Now I am waiting until I can use this fabric........back to being frustrated again.

Oh well....lets look at some lovely photos and this will make us all feel gooey wink

Last of the 6 placemats in this swap. Isn't he handsome?? Almost too handsome to use, but I have orders from Marg to use him. Now I have photographed him, I'll pop him in the linen press and start to use this lovely placemat.

Thanks Marg he's just so yummy.

Taken me ages to make my last placemat for the swap. I little bit of hand sewing here and there with my awful eyesight. Decided to post it here, so anyone from the forum can see I have been busy in dribs and drabs.

With the blanket stitch I used 1 strand of DMC and 1 strand of a metallic thread to give the petal some zing. Photo doesn't do it justice. Posting this off to it's new owner tomorrow morning. All that is left in this swap now is the table runner.

Now about this retail therapy. The new tram line drops us off so close to Hettie's Patch it's almost sinful. So you have to love the person who thought of this idea..... thanks mate.

Some of the Tuesday girls are doing stitcheries with a light coloured beige fabric and they look stunning. Figured I'd grab some fabric as I have a stitchery in mind. This 3/4 mitre will be kept for any future stitchery.

Buttons, so love buttons and little animals ones are just a must for my collection. I have a bag I want to make and these will be added to the bag. Just have to get it made though to use the cute buttons.

Love this fabric and I am starting to get a love for these earthy tone fabrics. These 3 fabrics were bought in mind for a future cushion I want to make. I'll add fabric from home to make up the colours.

Said cushion I want to make. Not sure yet which one I will make. Maybe both???? Love the style and colours in the magazine.

Well I hope you are enjoying your sewing and making wonderful items. I too shall return to the fold by Wednesday at the latest.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Debbie said...

Needing new glasses is frustrating, only wear reading glasses but can't see anything fine even with them on now. I think the next ones will be to wear all the time. When I get settled I will make an appointment for my eye test:0)

Liz said...

Congrats--you have done very well for no glasses. Love the placemat from Marg and the one you have made. Your B/stitch looks great. LoooVVVeee all the fabrics you managed to buy:)

Karen's Korner said...

I hope all gets back to normal this week for you and I look forward to seeing what you are doing with that yummy fabric.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks girls. Yes not having glasses has made it hard...look out when I get them

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I went and got myself a cheap magnifying lense headpiece which I wear then I look through my glasses and then through the magnifier, it works quite well although it does tend to fog up sometimes. In a way I am lucky because as I am shortsighted I can see to do handsewing without the need for 2 pairs of glasses, and they are so darn expensive as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi ' mum' your coffee was very nice!! I loved the metalic thread you used on your placemat- and your right the picture doesnt do it justice. Will keep that idea for when i want to make somethin' special. Luv...Heather

angela said...

I know how you feel, My glasses had to go in to be fixed and I could not do my candlewicking homework. Luckily I could still knitt so it wasnt too bad.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lucky, you poor thing, I know how you feel as someone who wears glasses all of the time, since my mid 20"s! I can manage to handsew without them as long as the item is not to far away from my nose! :-)
The placemats are lovely and I think the green fabric is yummy!