Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dream Tote Bag Update again

My dream tote bag has a change from what the pattern is, here you can find the original picture. Those square blocks on the sides are too hard for me and so I have gone with flying geese.

Instructions is a template drawing which is not much in the way of help for me to make. I found this to be very disappointing. Not many words to go with the template.......except a few lines.

Now I am making up the pattern as I go.

I was hoping to have the other side completed by now, but this wasn't to be. There will be another strip of the reddish fabric to finish the 4 sides off. I'm hoping after all this mucking around and the 4 sides are finished, those geese will not look out of place.

When deciding on the length of the flying geese, I thought a whole row would be too much next to those checkered panels. Guess I am thinking are you happy with my change....more so than me??

eek Silly I know as its my bag not yours. I'm having to come to terms with the change in the pattern after drooling over the pattern since I found it back in December 2008. About those geese...... not 100% even, but hey I'm happy because I had a go at them. mrgreen

From what I have read on the back instructions, this will be different to the front. Thinking I may try and incorporate the left over Moda fabric from the checkered area. Not sure yet, time will tell.

What do you think?? Your thoughts if you have any will be welcomed.

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Hey Lucky, I looked at your original picture and the blocks are very similar to one on the DJ quilt, and the block was rated difficult (from memory I think), the bag will still look good and you have personalised it to make it your own bag.

sandra said...

looks pretty good to me Leanne!!

Jilly said...

Hi Lucky thank you for visiting my little blog and leaving a comment!! I love visiting yours it is always very pretty and interesting!! I always learn something!! Thank you for sharing!!