Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank You Khris

My dear friend Khris has donated these 2 darling dolls for my "Making A Child Feel Good" challenge.

Thank you so much Khris for your beautiful gift. I am sure a couple of little girls are just going to love these dolls and will make their visits to the hospital not so scary.

Thank you so much Kris for your beautiful gifts.

If you want to help me out, after you have made a softy or two, let me know via the comment area. Then I'll email you my postal address.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Making A Child Feel Good.

Today Pat went to our local hospital to have a pile of blood taken for a battery of tests. Sitting there with our number and waiting to be called in, I noticed a poster.

Asking for knitters to knit up some little teddies for small children who have to have blood taken. Nothing like a new toy to cuddle after having a needle in your arm and have blood taken. It can be a scary time for a small child.

Pat & I were very lucky with our 2 children, only sprains, broken body parts and blood test. Well sort of lucky!!

It had me thinking and as we left I chatted with a nurse and she was more than happy to have me make some toys out of fabric.

So at the end of August I am planning on taking in some softies I have made....even a couple of "Percy's". This will give the children a choice of a knitted teddy or a fabric toy.

Think of the smile you can bring to a child's face and the relief to a parent's heart when their little son or daughter has something else to think about.

Would you like to make 1 or 2 for your local hospital in August or do you want to help me???

Let me know if you'd love to help me with my local hospital and I'll email you my address for where the toy can be sent.

I'm not very clever with side buttons, so I have a photo of Percy with a bit of a spill underneath. You are most welcome to pop the photo on your side bar, if you are making a soft toy.

Thanks for listening.......

You're only limited by your imagination

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dream Tote Bag Update again

My dream tote bag has a change from what the pattern is, here you can find the original picture. Those square blocks on the sides are too hard for me and so I have gone with flying geese.

Instructions is a template drawing which is not much in the way of help for me to make. I found this to be very disappointing. Not many words to go with the template.......except a few lines.

Now I am making up the pattern as I go.

I was hoping to have the other side completed by now, but this wasn't to be. There will be another strip of the reddish fabric to finish the 4 sides off. I'm hoping after all this mucking around and the 4 sides are finished, those geese will not look out of place.

When deciding on the length of the flying geese, I thought a whole row would be too much next to those checkered panels. Guess I am thinking are you happy with my change....more so than me??

eek Silly I know as its my bag not yours. I'm having to come to terms with the change in the pattern after drooling over the pattern since I found it back in December 2008. About those geese...... not 100% even, but hey I'm happy because I had a go at them. mrgreen

From what I have read on the back instructions, this will be different to the front. Thinking I may try and incorporate the left over Moda fabric from the checkered area. Not sure yet, time will tell.

What do you think?? Your thoughts if you have any will be welcomed.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Gotta Love The Mail Man

Its very rare that we get any mail on a Friday. What a lovely surprise today to have the mailman stop at our letter box.

Today I received 2 hexis in the swap.

This one is an "Angle Swap" as my swapper wasn't able to make my June hexi. I love pretty and very me. Thanks so much Angle Swapper for making me this beautiful hexi.

This is from Natalie and how beautiful is the ribbon embroidery. I love the fabric used for the pot too. Each hexi never fails to amaze me and I really love collecting these. I also love making them for others too.

Also Allison sent Percy a birthday present.

There are 2 panels for me to turn into a couple of cushions..... Thanks Allison I love it.

Also yesterday Pat & I went to Hettie's Patch for some fabric. I need some for this months Round Medallion and also while there I had some fabric fall into my bag.

I so loved this charm pack and its the first time I have paid for one in Australia. I tend to either win them (lucky me) or order them with my sewing group from an overseas quilting shop. I just couldn't leave it behind.

Couple more 1/4 metres of Astor Manor for my Moda box.

The cream blended fabric is for "Dawn's" Crisp Delight table runner. I want to use the "Lakeside Resort" sampler pk I won with Dawn's lovely design.

Anyway I shouldn't need to go near a quilting shop for a while now.... makes it easy for saving for the next trip. mrgreen

Been very busy in my sewing room too. My new glasses are so amazing and I can see so much clearer when sewing or here at my computer.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Removing The Photobucket Link From Your Blog

Do you have this "photo bucket link" on your blog and can't get rid of it???? This photo came from my sister's blog SewDeb.

I did and after days of frustration trying to remove it, I started a new clean blog. I was loosing 4 years of information and records from my "Lucky's Ducks Farm" blog. I was devastated and couldn't believe what was happening.

My dear friend Dawn read about my problems and rang me with the answer, so now I am sharing it with you out there.

If your background is from Scrappin'n Blogs they are slowly loading up their new server.

This means the computer can't find the background on Photo Bucket and so the link image is showing up on mine and your blog.

To fix this problem....just remove the code from your blog and your blog with go back to the default setting.

Once the Scrappin'n Blog is up and running and all can go back to having that pretty blog.

Many thanks to Dawn as I am so happy I didn't loose all my wonderful blog postings.

And yes Renny it was pissing me off big time too. mrgreen

So all is good my end and I hope this helps you out too.

You're only limited by your imagination

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Glasses

Check out my lovely prize from Khris. Thanks so much for calling in today with my prize Khris. I love it and am on a high for winning.

What have I been doing since I have had my new glasses??? Let me show you.

I love cushions and I have started the front of a new one.

The BOM has been made. Top one is from Tozz and the bottom one is for Helene that I made for her.

Hexi front and back, that is off to England next week too.

So I have been busy as you can see.

I am trying to find out why there is a photo bucket "thingo" on my blogs...all of them for some reason....gggrrrr. Not sure how that has come about, but I am trying to fix it.

You're only limited by your imagination

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frustration Big Time Here

Frustration big time here at the moment. I haven't been able to see clearly for a while now and for the last few weeks I have resorted to wearing 2 pairs of glasses when I am hand sewing. Now it had got to the stage where I needed to do this with the sewing machine.

Last week both Pat & I went and had our eyes tested. Pat had a frame replaced, due to it breaking. While I had to have new lenses and to save money I reused the frames I already had.

So now I am down to 1 pair of glasses that I wear all the time. So frustrating as it takes me ages to use the computer and I am not sewing at all. The glasses should be back early this week, I so hope they are. Last Tuesday I played "mother" at sewing group and made all the girls their cuppas.

I did a bit of retail therapy and this helped heaps to make me feel better. Now I am waiting until I can use this fabric........back to being frustrated again.

Oh well....lets look at some lovely photos and this will make us all feel gooey wink

Last of the 6 placemats in this swap. Isn't he handsome?? Almost too handsome to use, but I have orders from Marg to use him. Now I have photographed him, I'll pop him in the linen press and start to use this lovely placemat.

Thanks Marg he's just so yummy.

Taken me ages to make my last placemat for the swap. I little bit of hand sewing here and there with my awful eyesight. Decided to post it here, so anyone from the forum can see I have been busy in dribs and drabs.

With the blanket stitch I used 1 strand of DMC and 1 strand of a metallic thread to give the petal some zing. Photo doesn't do it justice. Posting this off to it's new owner tomorrow morning. All that is left in this swap now is the table runner.

Now about this retail therapy. The new tram line drops us off so close to Hettie's Patch it's almost sinful. So you have to love the person who thought of this idea..... thanks mate.

Some of the Tuesday girls are doing stitcheries with a light coloured beige fabric and they look stunning. Figured I'd grab some fabric as I have a stitchery in mind. This 3/4 mitre will be kept for any future stitchery.

Buttons, so love buttons and little animals ones are just a must for my collection. I have a bag I want to make and these will be added to the bag. Just have to get it made though to use the cute buttons.

Love this fabric and I am starting to get a love for these earthy tone fabrics. These 3 fabrics were bought in mind for a future cushion I want to make. I'll add fabric from home to make up the colours.

Said cushion I want to make. Not sure yet which one I will make. Maybe both???? Love the style and colours in the magazine.

Well I hope you are enjoying your sewing and making wonderful items. I too shall return to the fold by Wednesday at the latest.

You're only limited by your imagination

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