Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prizes, Thingos & A Trip

Over on Dawn Hay's "Sweet as Cinnamon" site there was a give away to celebrate her new blog name. I won second prize........ how lucky am I?

Even though I can't burn candles due to Pat's asthma I still love to have them sitting around the house. Between the candles an ever so cute button and a sampler of "Moda" , I am over the moon with my prize.

The colours in the little "Moda" sampler are just up my alley and I am going to make Dawn's table runner "Crisp Delight". That will fit nicely on my kitchen table and the colour will go well with all the wood in my kitchen.

While I was sick with that cold I couldn't loose with a map....I made this little table mat centre for us when having our meals.

The one I had was a cane mat about 3 years old I bought at a market in Sydney. We have a sheet of glass over our table, I like to pop all food in jars and bottles on something and not on the glass itself.

Making this table mat gave me something easy to make (while I was sick) and not be driven nuts as I wasn't game enough to make any of the swaps. My own pattern, simple but I am proud of my effort of not reaching for a craft magazine.

Yes another "Moda" charm pack has been rescued from a shop. This one came in an order through a friend from the "Fat Quarter" shop. I also bought a charm pack for my sister Debbie as a birthday present. Deb was so excited about getting her first charm pack. Now she can have the fun of petting, drooling and hugging a "Moda" charm pack and when she's over that, Deb can make something from it, if she can bring herself to cut into it.

On Thursday just gone Pat & I went up to see Deb. We had a great day together at her place and we were able to see her lounge room she & hubby Paul had just renovated.

We had a little show and tell between ourselves and Deb also showed me what she was doing at a 2 day workshop that Michele Hill was having. I was blown away with what Deb was learning and I must say a bit on the pea green side with envy at having the chance to go to the workshop.


Now I guess you are wondering what a "thingo" is???

Well you can't know until the end of the year. Think I need to explain this more for you. lol

Being involved in the Round Robin Medallion for 2010, I am learning new skills. The boarder I am to put on Cheryl's RR was a 3 inch pieced boarder. Always wanted to learn how to piece a particular piece and with Dawn & Judy's help I have learnt how. Many thanks girls.

But I can't tell or post a photo or say what it is until Cheryl has her RR Medallion back, in December. Hence calling it a "Thingo". Anyway I am so pleased to say I loved the whole
idea that I can now make a "thingo".

Funny thing was Deb was also shown the same week how to make a "thingo" but different to the way I was shown. So while Pat & I were visiting Deb pulled out her sewing machine and we showed each other how we were shown.

I tend to like the way I was shown as the best, well I like that way better. Both are easy, once I knew how to piece and sew it, but I found mine less fiddly.

Phew I think I have covered all the news for now. This is what happens when I haven't posted for a while........ its spills over into a jumbled post.

You're only limited by your imagination

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cheryl said...

Aaah, knew I would track you down here,, love the Moda pack you won,, they are gorgeous aren't they? A thingo, got my magnifying glass out and have managed to work out what it is from your photo with Deb, Hah!! Chegre AKA Cheryl

Beeshebags said...

Congrat's on the win Lucky ya deserve it. It was great to finally meet you, and to meet the ever so lovely Pat. You two make a great couple. Have posted a thank you to you and Pat on my blog, but thought I'd personalise it by coming over here and popping in to say hello on your blog. Thanks to you and Pat for the loan of the tables and the TROLLEY THING! They were very much appreciated. Hugs Naomi

Samelia's Mum said...

Congrats on your win. The colours are lovely and I'm sure you'll have fun creating something fabulous.
I like your table mat - great idea.