Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Star Quilt Along.

I saw this on a blog and thought...wow.

Then I thought...why not and then I thought...I gonna do this.

I am doing my first blog quilt along.

Summer Star Sampler Quilt Along.

I have no idea of colours and such...... just stay tuned.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Samelia's Mum Prize

This is Samelia's Mum prize for becoming my 50th follower. I haven't sent it yet as Patrick has been very sick with his asthma and we have been staying home.

I'm looking at posting your prize on Monday. I'll email you when it's been sent. So hope you like your fat 1/4 of fabric and have fun with all your embellishments.

Quilting hugs to you mrgreen

You're only limited by your imagination

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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Latest Bag

Very excited with the latest bag I have made.

Fabric was bought last year from Craft Central and the pattern from Hettie's Patch early this year.

Love the idea of a bag in this shape and the material having big flowers on it. I'll use this bag at the markets to carry all those soft foods like mushrooms, bread rolls and tomatoes. Lots of space inside so they don't get squashed.

While I was looking through the scrap bin for some fabric to use in applique, I found these 2 chook panels.

Thought I'd try my luck with raw edge applique and I was pretty happy with my first attempt. The bright yellow towel was given to me from Amy, for looking after her pet rats one trip they went away. These cotton towel tend to be used for hand towels in the kitchen and terry towels for wiping the dishes.

It was lots of fun making a couple of things for myself. mrgreen

You're only limited by your imagination

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pillow Cases

Back in April I was all set to make some pillow cases, when Pat was taken by ambulance to hospital.

That afternoon was free to make them, but it wasn't meant to be.

Monday this week I managed to get them made up and ready for us to use. So glad that is now off my list of what I need to make. Our old pillow cases are that thin I could see through the fabric with out a pillow in them.

Those old pillow cases will make great grease rags for the shed and car.

Today I have been cutting fabric for a bag. Not going to have it completed today, as Pat is unwell and looks like a cold or virus has started today. So my hands will be extra full caring for him.

Have you been over to see what the piglets have been up to of late?? Petunia is back for the USA and has just finished posting about her trip.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Give Away To My 50th Follower

I have just had my 50th follower listed...............how exciting is that? I am so thrilled and for that reason, I'm going to give Samelia's Mum a prize.

Can you please send me your address with a colour preference for fabric and I'll pop a little something into the mail for you. mrgreen

This has made my day....now I just have to wait for the 75th follower to join.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prizes, Thingos & A Trip

Over on Dawn Hay's "Sweet as Cinnamon" site there was a give away to celebrate her new blog name. I won second prize........ how lucky am I?

Even though I can't burn candles due to Pat's asthma I still love to have them sitting around the house. Between the candles an ever so cute button and a sampler of "Moda" , I am over the moon with my prize.

The colours in the little "Moda" sampler are just up my alley and I am going to make Dawn's table runner "Crisp Delight". That will fit nicely on my kitchen table and the colour will go well with all the wood in my kitchen.

While I was sick with that cold I couldn't loose with a map....I made this little table mat centre for us when having our meals.

The one I had was a cane mat about 3 years old I bought at a market in Sydney. We have a sheet of glass over our table, I like to pop all food in jars and bottles on something and not on the glass itself.

Making this table mat gave me something easy to make (while I was sick) and not be driven nuts as I wasn't game enough to make any of the swaps. My own pattern, simple but I am proud of my effort of not reaching for a craft magazine.

Yes another "Moda" charm pack has been rescued from a shop. This one came in an order through a friend from the "Fat Quarter" shop. I also bought a charm pack for my sister Debbie as a birthday present. Deb was so excited about getting her first charm pack. Now she can have the fun of petting, drooling and hugging a "Moda" charm pack and when she's over that, Deb can make something from it, if she can bring herself to cut into it.

On Thursday just gone Pat & I went up to see Deb. We had a great day together at her place and we were able to see her lounge room she & hubby Paul had just renovated.

We had a little show and tell between ourselves and Deb also showed me what she was doing at a 2 day workshop that Michele Hill was having. I was blown away with what Deb was learning and I must say a bit on the pea green side with envy at having the chance to go to the workshop.


Now I guess you are wondering what a "thingo" is???

Well you can't know until the end of the year. Think I need to explain this more for you. lol

Being involved in the Round Robin Medallion for 2010, I am learning new skills. The boarder I am to put on Cheryl's RR was a 3 inch pieced boarder. Always wanted to learn how to piece a particular piece and with Dawn & Judy's help I have learnt how. Many thanks girls.

But I can't tell or post a photo or say what it is until Cheryl has her RR Medallion back, in December. Hence calling it a "Thingo". Anyway I am so pleased to say I loved the whole
idea that I can now make a "thingo".

Funny thing was Deb was also shown the same week how to make a "thingo" but different to the way I was shown. So while Pat & I were visiting Deb pulled out her sewing machine and we showed each other how we were shown.

I tend to like the way I was shown as the best, well I like that way better. Both are easy, once I knew how to piece and sew it, but I found mine less fiddly.

Phew I think I have covered all the news for now. This is what happens when I haven't posted for a while........ its spills over into a jumbled post.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Little Bit Of This & That.

I have been trying to remember to post some of the items I have either made or been sent in a swap. Time seems to be zooming past me so fast.

This is Trish's placemat in the swap I have been doing for the last 5 months. Trish's was placemat number 5 and May's swap.

I used a cup template from one of Judith Tetley's projects in a magazine from my sewing room. I wanted to have the cups look like those bone china ones.

Using a blue/pink metalic thread I stippled the placemat to add some "glitter" to the look.

Need to think about what the 6th placemat is going to be of. So far I have no idea, I usually sleep on it and it comes to me in the early hours of the morning.

Vicki over at Tozz's Corner sent me this hexi for May, in the monthly swap we do over on the craft forum.

This hexi I made today for "Patchworkdownunder" for this months swap. This design is one of Tozz's from a table runner in a magazine too.

I love looking through my craft magazines for little stitchery's.

Block 2 in the Mystery Charm Square BOM I am involved in. I am so proud of how well the points have lined up.

So I think I have caught up on that side of posting on my blog. Still more to come....but that is for another day.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As Sweet as Cinnamon

My dear friend Dawn has renamed her blog with such a beautiful name of "As Sweet as Cinnamon" and to celebrate this, she's having a give away.

I've added her button to my side bar and to join in with her gorgeous new name, I have given my blog a face lift.

If you haven't been over and had a look please do so right now.........its a great blog. mrgreen