Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wedding Sewing Secrets

I have had a lot of people wondering what I was secretly sewing for Amy & Ben's wedding. All can now be show.

I just didn't want added pressure and for people to know how the church was going to look.

So lets see what was taking up my days , when I wasn't caring for Pat or racing around the city with Amy.

I was told 36 sashes needed to be made. Over 2 metres in length each one, made with satin material. So in came the trestle for over a week and the cutting began.

Satin fibers were found everywhere and once each was finished being stitched..... I would run a sticky lint roller over them and then bagged.

As they were cut it was dropped into a laundry basket under the try and keep cats fur off them.

We did a trip to see the church in Tanunda one weeked and we counted 28 pews..... thank you God I said....

As Pa was coming to stay with us for a week before the wedding and is legally blind, the table had to be removed, due to the step next to the trestle. So a mass cutting day happened and all cut sashes were popped into Tupperware dishes to keep the cats off them.... gee the cats sooooooo wanted to help with the wedding preparations.

Then all I had to do was sew them up. Having the sewing cabinet Pa gave me,was such a thrill as I was using it first, to sewing Amy's wedding gear.

The end result. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of them all from the back of the church looking down to the alter. They looked so beautiful and with Amy's big dress...none moved. Yay.

Also I was making Amy her petticoat. She had the heaviest wedding dress in the bridal shop and she wanted the biggest "poof" under it....... I cracked so many jokes on Ben's behalf on what Amy was saying to people.

It was so big, heavy and awkward that Pat came up with this great idea of a swivel from his old fishing box. That way I could move it around as I worked. No way Pat was able to hold it up for those hours it took to make it. Later on Pat added another swivel as the top of the petticoat was too high for me to work on.

Amy bought the hoop already with the fabric on it. I just had to add 8 rounds of tulle to give it that "poof" look to stand up under her dress.

And so I pinned around.....

And sewed and pinned more around and sewed.

The elastic was measured and pinned at a fitting appointment at the bridal shop, we didn't want it being too loose and falling off on the day. Then brought home to be finished off.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Iles .

Of all the sewing I did, what brought us 2 girls to tears, was handing over the garters as mine was included in her two.

I never sewed anything in way of a costume when she was a little girl. Amy never did ballet or calisthenics. As the first item of any kind be it clothing or decoration, what an honour it was for me to make part of her wedding attire.

Who would have thought this back in December 2008 when I used a sewing machine for the first time.??

You're only limited by your imagination

More photos over on Percy's blog.....

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bon008 said...

Wow, you've come such a long way with your sewing in such a short time!! What a special way to be able to contribute to your daughter's beautiful day - well done :)

miss~nance said...

Oh Wow Leanne - you really have come a long way. Well done. That petticoat look amazing and a lot of work. The pew dressings looked great also.

Renny's little things said...

omg so cute they are so cute!!!

If you had of said I could of helped with the sashes!! Express post!!
Wow you should be proud of yourself that you got them all done. Well done and i bet it looked great. You are the Champ!!

Dawn said...

Oh wow Leanne.... She sure does look fabulous... sniff sniff... and wow I am so proud of you and so happy I got to know you... your a beautiful person and such an inspiration to old sticthers like me.... your 'AMAZING'..well done.
Hugs Dawn x x x

Margarita said...

Oh Wow Leanne, I just want to give you a huge hug. Congratulations for all the lovely work you have done.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Well done Lucky, I bet you were over sewing sashes by the time you got to number 28. Keeping cat hair off anything that you are sewing is a challenge at the best of times, their fur seems to get everywhere. Amy looks stunning in her "poofy" dress.
The word verification is diamante :)

susanm said...

I know what you went through as I also made my daughters wedding dress and mine and her cake. She had a wonderful dress. Just love it.

barb's creations said...

Leanne you have come a very long way in your sewing.What a lovely thing to be able to help with your daughters wedding dress.Amy looked gorgeous and Ben handsome .....but what's with the white runnners??? :) Barb.

Debbie said...

What a lovely Mum you are, I made curtains for the reception room window (it was 9 mtrs long)for my son.
Your Daughter looks so pretty and the dress is gorgeous.

Liz said...

you have done such a terrific job.I have enjoyed the sewing journey with you. Amy looks lovely.

Vicki said... certainly have done an honourable thing by making part of your daughters wedding outfit. You are one clever chooky :)

Karen's Korner said...

Congratulations and well done on your wedding sewing. You have come such a long way in such a short time.

suzie said...

What a wonderful job on the wedding sewing Leanne. How special you must have felt sewing these for your daughter and I am sure she felt special wearing them.