Monday, May 3, 2010

About Those Shoes.

Been asked about the boy's shoes they wore.

Special addition sneakers...Ben is a avid shoe collector. Amy gave him a collectors pair with some diamonds in the shoe itself and in the shoe lace, for a wedding present.

At the wedding reception, Amy wore a beautiful gold pair of high heal shoes, covered with glitter. I was with her when she spotted them out one Saturday last month. There was even glitter on the heal and sole of her shoe.

Those kids could really open a shoe shop or two and still have left overs.

Also thank you so much for all your kind words towards my sewing effort and how well I scrubbed up. Some people didn't recognized me and some of Pat & my friends had never seen me in a dress before.


Debs said...

Well done on all your sewing Lucky:)

The young ones look lovely.

Vicki said...

Gotta love them shoes :) They all looked gorgeous and I am glad it all went well for everyone. :)

Jilly said...

I love the shoes, it's fantastic when people are original!! What a pretty bride!

Jude said...

Love the shoes, definately not boring. Thevwedding party look very beautiful, even the boys. I hope we get to see more photoes.

Khris said...

I still want to know who that hot chick was dancing with YOUR husband...hugs Khris

Karen's Korner said...

Lovely photos of the happy couple and their wedding party. I wish them every happiness.