Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Baby Is Now A Bride

Have you been wondering why the posts have been slow here over the last few weeks?

Because on Saturday Amy is marrying the love of her life, as she loves to call Ben.

I have been sewing, boy have I been sewing..... and sewing and sewing.

I was asked by the 3 bridesmaids to do the applique of her name, cupcake and ruffle around the edges and pocket of this apron the girls had bought.

Amy was given the apron at her kitchen tea last weekend. All guests were invited to write a little "something" on the apron before the tea finished 6 hours later. Damn we can party

I don't want to spoil the surprise if anyone from my family reads this post. So I can't show you what I did until this Sunday at the earliest.

What I can show you is the quickest and easiest job of them all, that I sewed for the wedding.

The top garter is mine from when Pat & I was married 27 years ago last March. Amy will wear this one on her wedding day as something old.

The middle one is for Ben to remove and fling at the single lads at the reception.

Bottom one is for Amy to keep.

I gues that also covers something blue and something new too. wink

So simple to make, took longer to get to Spotlight, than what it did to make them. mrgreen Of all the sewing I think this is the most personal, something so special between just Amy and myself.

More to come after the wedding. Including photos.

You're only limited by your imagination


Renny's little things said...

OMG Amy is so cute.
Amy I hope you have a wonderful day on saturday and your life with Ben is full of happiness, joy and laughter. Can't wait for the pics and to find out what has been keeping our Lucky busy.
Leanne Breathe one two three breathe one two three Hope you have a great day and relax.
Your girl is stunning

PICS as soon as!!!!

Love Geniene

Karen's Korner said...

Best wishes to the happy couple and their families for the big day. Looking forward to seeing all the piccies. Enjoy the day

sandra said...

I Hope you all have the best day ever.
Good luck to the gorgeous bride & groom.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Hoping you all have a lovely day on Saturday and looking forward to seeing all your pics.

Annemarie said...

Wow, Leanne - that has come around so quickly! your Amy is so beautiful - I hope you all have a wonderful day today filled with beautiful and happy memories.
Love & hugs,
Anne-Marie xxx