Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Baby Is Now A Bride

Have you been wondering why the posts have been slow here over the last few weeks?

Because on Saturday Amy is marrying the love of her life, as she loves to call Ben.

I have been sewing, boy have I been sewing..... and sewing and sewing.

I was asked by the 3 bridesmaids to do the applique of her name, cupcake and ruffle around the edges and pocket of this apron the girls had bought.

Amy was given the apron at her kitchen tea last weekend. All guests were invited to write a little "something" on the apron before the tea finished 6 hours later. Damn we can party

I don't want to spoil the surprise if anyone from my family reads this post. So I can't show you what I did until this Sunday at the earliest.

What I can show you is the quickest and easiest job of them all, that I sewed for the wedding.

The top garter is mine from when Pat & I was married 27 years ago last March. Amy will wear this one on her wedding day as something old.

The middle one is for Ben to remove and fling at the single lads at the reception.

Bottom one is for Amy to keep.

I gues that also covers something blue and something new too. wink

So simple to make, took longer to get to Spotlight, than what it did to make them. mrgreen Of all the sewing I think this is the most personal, something so special between just Amy and myself.

More to come after the wedding. Including photos.

You're only limited by your imagination

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Special Gift

Patrick's dad is staying with us for a couple of weeks as this weekend Amy gets married.

Yesterday we were out and about and while at Spotlight, he was listening to me look at a sewing cabinet with 20% off.

I was knocked over when Pa said he'd buy it for me. Last year while visiting, he wanted to buy me a laptop and I wouldn't let him. So after a yes and no haggle over it, I relented as it was so much cheaper than a laptop.

So lets take a look at this most amazing gift from a gentle 88 year young man who has flown on his own from Sydney to see his first grandchild's wedding.

Love the colour of the outside and it comes with a key. Very compact and now "Millie" can't pull the thread out of the needle on the sewing machine.

I'm sure the area for goodies will change as I use it the cabinet and find where I like to have things in close reach. Lucky along with the other cats have been inspecting it heaps while open.

But there is more........

I also have work space at the back of the machine too. Love that idea heaps.

Now when its summer time and the sewing room is to hot to use, I can push out the cabinet into the cooler rooms. No more taking over the kitchen table.

I feel so lucky to have been given such a useful and amazing gift.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My First Blog Post

Miss Nance is asking over on her blog...what was your first blog post? So I thought I show you.....and Miss Nance.

My first blog was over on my first blog, I have 5 that I publish on. eek Lucky's Duck Farm is about my garden and all the animals that help me get through my days.

Lucky's Duck farm was started back in January 2006. Wow 4 years ago. You can check out my first post here.

Until next time....hoo roo

For Veronica

I'd like to dedicate this post, to a beautiful lady called "Veronica". Miss you and hurry back safely. mrgreen

In my last post I said how I was all mixed up with where April's hexi was going. This has been all fixed and Joma will be getting this hexi.

Joma requested a garden theme. What is a garden with out a mushroom or toadstool or two growing somewhere amongst the flowers.

I really hope you like the hexi I made for you Joma.

This is a very special hexi as I have added an embroidered bullion bee.

My very first complete bullion stitch. I am so proud of the little guy. I took my bullion book with me to Tuesday's sewing and practiced while there.

My vision is to be able to master the beauty of this embroidery art and have people "oooohhh and aaarrr" my new craft in time. I have always admired folks who have developed this gift and I hope to be in their league one day.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hexi Oops

I was so proud of my effort this month. I made this hexi for Fayzs over the last 2 nights. Went to post it this morning, that part is what made me so proud. I didn't try and remember for the next 3 weeks to get it into the mail.

Then I realized.................... I made the hexi for the wrong person. eek Joma is requesting a "garden theme" not a cream/blue theme. I still posted off the hexi to Fayzs and will start Joma's hexi tomorrow.

Things are getting hectic here, only 21 days till Amy marries her Ben. Me thinks I'm getting a tab bit stressed????

I am doing some sewing for the wedding, but I won't say what until its all done.

Oh well........time to think about the evening meal.

You're only limited by your imagination

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