Saturday, March 6, 2010

February's Hexi Swap

Finally I have found some time to pop up February's hexi swap. My theme has taken a life of its own....cats and I love it.

Barbara's hexi is just the most gorgeous and I love it so much. This has a cat down to pat, in my books. Climbing and getting into trouble. lol

Barb also sent me a tea bag holder for my handbag. I love this material.....very pretty.

Thanks Barb for your lovely swap.

Barb wanted red, green & white, but not in Christmas fabric.

An update on Pat. He came home last Tuesday after 5 days in hospital. We've been busy with daily doctor appointments and now that has finished, we have a weeks rest before they start up again.

I spent yesterday in my sewing room and I managed to make Keza's hexi for this month and the front of Raider 7's placemat for that swap. So I am happy. Iron is booked in for a sesson of cartoons from the 60's at 11 am. One thing about front loading washing machines, make washing easy when not at home. Pity the iron doesn't work that way too.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Donna said...

Hi Leanne,

Good that your DH is home - thinking of you both. Am getting a pic of the oven mitt that you sent me - soon I'll put it up on the Pot Holder thread on the Forum. Been using the mitt when I was making soup yesterday and thought of you. Take care.

Donna in Brisbane (Domac)

Debbie said...

Love the cat hexi. What are they used for do you add them to quilts or what? I have seen them a lot and have been wondering.
Glad your husband is ok now.

Jude said...

Glad to see Pat is back home and the hexies look very nice. when do we see you again?

Karen's Korner said...

That is one cute cat hexie. Glad to hear that all is going well for Pat. Best wishes to you both

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks everyone so much for your best wishes for Pat.

Donna glad your using the mitt:)

Debbie I'm thinking one day I'll make a quilt, until then I'll keep joining in on the monthly swap:D

Jude, if all does well, I'll be there on Tuesday.