Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breast Of friends Block 4

Block 4 of Breast Of Friends was all ready for blanket stitching, when Pat was taken to hospital. While I was spending all those hours at the hospital visiting him, I took this block with me and completed the embroidery side of it.

I finally got the block boarders sown on this afternoon and the fabric was still hot from pressing, when this photo was taken.

My most favourite colour is green and so I wanted this to show with block 4. Very pleased on how the colour has been show.

Last night I was resting and while watching a DVD, I finished the hand binding on the 3rd placemat in the swap I am involved in.

Plus I finished off a present for the "12 Days Of Christmas" swap the Tuesday sewing group are doing. Yeah I know we're getting in early. Nothing like being organized.

I have found the last couple of months, if I use the first 2 weeks to get any swaps completed. I then have the last 2 weeks for my own projects. So far this has been working rather well.

You're only limited by your imagination

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Debbie said...

You must be in a lot of swaps but then it fun waiting for your swap to arrive.
Your block turned out nice and I like green too.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Nice job Leanne, I do like the greens that you use. I did a couple swaps last year but I found them quite stressful so I have decided just to do my own things this year (and maybe a giveaway or two).

Lucky-1 said...

The placemat swap is over 7 months Debbie. 6 placemats and 1 table runner:)

I haven't gone and joined every swap Pip...just the ones I want and I see as a learning tool:)

suzie said...

Lovely colour Leanne. It is going to look great in these colours. Love to follow your work. I like your idea about doing your swaps early in the month leaving free time to work on other projects.

Jude said...

The BOF block looks excellent, dont forget to bring it Tuesday.

Gloria said...

Leanne . the block is very nice ...I really like the green
it stands out beautifully.