Friday, February 26, 2010

Of This & That

I want to thank everyone who over the months have clicked on the poll I was running on how long you had been sewing. Found it very interesting and saw there was a wide range of sewing years between us all.

There is a new one now, aren't I a sticky beak? lol I have only every bought the Gutermann thread and I have heard of others who use a different thread. Also I know of a few people who use different thread brands for different affects in their quilting.

I have the poll in my favourite colour to the right of my posts. Also you can click on more than 1 choice this time. If you have the time and want to share your favourite away.

My sewing table as of this morning. I love this area as I am able to see my WIP as I sit and sew. This is also a great way of not forgetting to complete something.

On the left is the applique for my "Dream Bag". I'm going to blanket stitch the applique in the evenings or when I am lucky enough to have my feet up in the afternoons. Going to look at the side blocks of this bag being done in some of my Modo charm squares. That is if I can bring myself to break one open.

Little block to the right is the 4th in the Breast of Friends quilt. I was going to needle turn this block, but with Pat so sick I have thought differently. It too will be blanket stitched.

On the right is my table runner I have been working on, while stuck at home. This afternoon I am going to get the binding sorted and this evening I'll start the hand sewing side of it.

Plus my rulers and colour wheel are just a fingers reach from my play area. I love how I have sewing items and gifts made for me hanging around the room.

I love helpful tips and this one I learnt a couple of weeks ago at Tuesday's sewing group. I was using some paper for February's hexi swap when Khris showed me what she uses for templates in her sewing.

Brilliant I say....... These thin plastic cutting boards are from GoLo for $2.00 and there are 2 sheets in the packet. Bigger than an A4 sheet of paper. Cheaper than the template sheets from your sewing supplier too.

Well that is about it from me today. Time to get motivated and do something. Though after having Pat so sick since last Sunday morning, I am starting to rush shoot of go-go juice. If I'm nat posting over the weekend...have a great weekend and catch you again soon.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Renny's little things said...

WOW that's organised!!! i may have to show my sewing space..... you'll die. Either of shok or laughing...

Jude said...

Is the rest of your sewing room as tidy as that corner?