Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sewing Room Today

I had some comments on how tidy my work area is in my sewing room.

Since Friday I have been at our local hospital as Patrick was taken by ambulance. Not sure when he's to come home, he scared me so much and I don't mind saying, while I stayed cool on the outside.... I couldn't find my phone to ring the kids, even when I had it against my ear talking to the emergency lady on 000. So inside I was very scared.

Anyway I came home early from the hospital to clean the house and do some washing. The one room I haven't touched is my sewing room.

Check it out.

Desk area is always clean, as I hate to move a pile of stuff to sew. But as you can see the rest of the room is pretty well casual. Oh look there are my ugg boots and sandals. Wondered where the ugg boots went last night as my feet were getting cold after I got home from the hospital. TV keeps me company while Pat rests in the afternoon and I get to see what is happening on the afternoon shows.

Just behind my sewing area is my boxes and material storage area. Boxes are used for storing my material in for Dear Jane, BOF's and Moda fabrics. Most recent mags are at my finger tips. More gear is stored in the wardrobe, including blocks hung on coat hangers and hanging from the clothes rail. I also store all my wadding and stuff in the draws on the right hand side in the wardrobe.

I love to hang items from my swaps around me and also my WIP.

The door is a bit cluttered but thats okay, as I usually walk into the wall and miss the low table with all the gear on it.

My brain hangs where I can see what I am thinking and remembering to do each fortnight. White board/cork-board is very I am feeling tonight. Its held together with some staples...does think mean I have had a brain transplant??lol

So there ya go, I am now feeling very naked showing you my sewing room, are you willing to join me and post photos of your sewing it usually is.???

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Renny's little things said...

well Lucky thats still adarn sight better than mine

Karen's Korner said...

Your sewing room looks way more organised then mine!!!. I will take up your challenge and "bare all" when I get some free time this week after work.

Debbie said...

I haven't been sewing much lately so my room and table are very tidy. Hope Pat gets well soon it must have been a scary time for you.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Lucky, I hope Patrick is well and home again soon, it is never any fun when someone you love is hospitalised.
Ok, I shall go and take some photos of my sewing room now and post about it later on.
take care

bon008 said...

I wish I had a craft room to show you!

Yours looks lovely, such a nice quiet retreat for you.

sandra said...

ooooohhhh, I feel so much better now!!