Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ham Bag???

I made a ham bag today. that kind of ham bag.............. This kind of ham bag. lol

Percy is off to Queensland next week and I thought after Clare had sent Percy some material with pigs on it, he should have a travel bag.

I think I'm now on my "P" plates as I didn't have a pattern and the bag just evolved as I spent time on it, this afternoon.

I used a box bottom to give him more room and used some green to break up the browns. Also I just had to add some ricrac on the front.

I love this lining material and I have to admit I have a lot on lay-by at my local Spotlight. Won't say how many metres, as you may either faint or your hand could come through the computer screen and slap me. My saving grace is, I bought the last of what was on the bolt, when they had their special on bolt clearances.

I have enough material to make Petunia a girlie one, next week.

On Monday I'll get some rope stuff for the pull part at the top and then Percy's bag label can be attached and then he's off Tuesday.

You know this pig has been more places that I could ever dream of seeing........Maybe one day I'll get to go with him as someone will need to muck out his bag........

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Renny's little things said...

So when is Percy coming to check out our nations capital???

Lucky-1 said...

Oh in the next few weeks. Percy isn't only staying in Queensland. He's on a road trip.

Gloria said...

The ham bag is so cute... Hope percy has a good trip.

miss~nance said...

Percy is going tol ook very swish on his travels with that fancy bag. Is he making his way down the coast after Canberra???????



Lucky-1 said...

Depends on his travelling companion

Debbie said...

I have an award for you drop by when you have a chance and pick it up