Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Jane A-1

It's 37.2 degrees outside and its awful as I just went and gave fresh water to the animals.

To keep myself occupied while the heat pounds down on us, I spent time at the kitchen table in front of the a/c and little coloured TV.

You'll all be happy to know John & Marlena were remarried (again) on Days of our Lives and that John has all his memories back. Yes you guessed it, I'm a closet "DOOLS" fan.

Anyway while that tortured my poor husband, I did block A-1 in the Dear Jane quilt. Having a baby pigglet to care for meant Hettie's Patch bag needed to be close by. Far too hot in the sewing room for me or the new piglet.

I'm hoping I have remembered Dawn's instructions from 2 weeks ago. Yes you did read right, 2 weeks ago. Had a lot of health problems with Pat, so I was busy else where.

First off I needed to trace the 16 blocks as I was using the foundation piecing for this block.

Then each block was sewn and paper removed. Then sewn together by rows.

Wish I could remember more of Veronica's I saw yesterday. To me Veronica's was perfect and her edges were nicer than mine.

Maybe I 'm too judgmental of my own work. I know one of the points in the centre didn't match up. Could be this "scant" seam I have to sew.

Think I'll fill out the diary and see what Dawn thinks of it next week. Just out of interest it took me 4 hours to make this block. So when Pat said, did I have enough material to make another one this arvo.......... I said I ain't doing this block again today. If I need to next week yes.....

Off to see what the baby pig needs.... feeding, changing, walking........ You can also vote if you want on what her name will be. That can be found on the right side of Postcards from Percy. It'll be announced next Tuesday.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Liz said...

love your block. LUCKY you goingg to the craft day on Tuesday.
Thanks for info on John and Marlena.
Is he a goody now or what.???

Lucky-1 said...

Yeah a good guy again, but the 2 are leaving the show.

I love my craft day Liz:D Love the girls heaps too. They are such a tonic for me.

Michell said...

Ahhhh DOOL. Here in NZ Y&R has been canned and so has DOOL.

Lucky-1 said...

We don't get Y&R here either. DOOL's is good for sewing and knitting while