Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Jane A-1 Redone

With the cooler weather and the house wide open with a cool breeze blowing through, I spent most of the morning in the sewing room. I wasn't happy with the A-1 block in the Dear Jane series and re-did it.

I was awake at 5 am this morning and it hit me where I went wrong in the whole block, first time round. There was a seam allowance of 1/4 inch and I didn't sew the blocks together, using that seam allowance. I did a smidgen allowance when sewing the blocks together.

So with the radio on, cats keeping me company and that cool breeze doing its thing, I started. Stopped half way through for a cappuccino out the back with Pat and then I didn't stop until I was finished and then I had lunch.

Took my camera to photograph the block and look what I found. eek

My cat "Lucky" fast asleep on the fabric I used this time around. Gee whiz, can't turn my back for a second. lol After once again explaining to her why she can't sleep on my fabric, I moved her to a chair. Resulting in Lucky getting huffy and going out to tell her dad about it.

Once the fur was removed from said fabric and the new block under her as well, I took some photos.

Lets see how much better I did second time round. mrgreen

I picked out a different colour fabric and this time I cut and sewed by row, rather than doing all the blocks in 1 hit and then sewing them together. This was a good idea as I was able to see I was on the right track about that mistake and all was going well. Plus it made me feel better with all gone right this time round.

The bottom right hand crease is from Lucky laying on it.

Now with both together you can see how much better the second block is.

I have always had the firm principal of showing the the good, bad and down right ugly in my blogs. That way, I can as well as you see my journey and know that someone out there can and does stuff things up.

So proud of the fact I had gone back and revisited what I had done and fixed what was a poorly made block. So now instead of looking for advice from Dawn next Tuesday, I can show her the results of working out where I went wrong and how I fixed it.

Now I wonder if I was to leave a bad block in the sewing room, will Lucky sleep on that one and leave my good stuff alone? rolleyes Naaaa, that's too easy.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I Like the colours on your second block better Lucky. I have made that block but I forgot to mirror it, so I need to make it again sometime.
take care

Debbie said...

the second one is a big improvement, I want to have a go at quilting this year...well that is my plan

Margarita said...

The second block is definitely a better block with both the sewing technique and the colours. Good on you for working it out yourself

Debs said...

Maybe your cat is trying to give you a hint........make me a quilt!! The second blocks looks better and I bet you are happier with it too. Well done :)

Jude said...

Well done Leanne, you have put me to shame and now I will have to remake my block. See Ya Tuesday, how does scones and fresh blackberry jam sound for morning tea?