Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sewing Room Today

I had some comments on how tidy my work area is in my sewing room.

Since Friday I have been at our local hospital as Patrick was taken by ambulance. Not sure when he's to come home, he scared me so much and I don't mind saying, while I stayed cool on the outside.... I couldn't find my phone to ring the kids, even when I had it against my ear talking to the emergency lady on 000. So inside I was very scared.

Anyway I came home early from the hospital to clean the house and do some washing. The one room I haven't touched is my sewing room.

Check it out.

Desk area is always clean, as I hate to move a pile of stuff to sew. But as you can see the rest of the room is pretty well casual. Oh look there are my ugg boots and sandals. Wondered where the ugg boots went last night as my feet were getting cold after I got home from the hospital. TV keeps me company while Pat rests in the afternoon and I get to see what is happening on the afternoon shows.

Just behind my sewing area is my boxes and material storage area. Boxes are used for storing my material in for Dear Jane, BOF's and Moda fabrics. Most recent mags are at my finger tips. More gear is stored in the wardrobe, including blocks hung on coat hangers and hanging from the clothes rail. I also store all my wadding and stuff in the draws on the right hand side in the wardrobe.

I love to hang items from my swaps around me and also my WIP.

The door is a bit cluttered but thats okay, as I usually walk into the wall and miss the low table with all the gear on it.

My brain hangs where I can see what I am thinking and remembering to do each fortnight. White board/cork-board is very I am feeling tonight. Its held together with some staples...does think mean I have had a brain transplant??lol

So there ya go, I am now feeling very naked showing you my sewing room, are you willing to join me and post photos of your sewing it usually is.???

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Of This & That

I want to thank everyone who over the months have clicked on the poll I was running on how long you had been sewing. Found it very interesting and saw there was a wide range of sewing years between us all.

There is a new one now, aren't I a sticky beak? lol I have only every bought the Gutermann thread and I have heard of others who use a different thread. Also I know of a few people who use different thread brands for different affects in their quilting.

I have the poll in my favourite colour to the right of my posts. Also you can click on more than 1 choice this time. If you have the time and want to share your favourite away.

My sewing table as of this morning. I love this area as I am able to see my WIP as I sit and sew. This is also a great way of not forgetting to complete something.

On the left is the applique for my "Dream Bag". I'm going to blanket stitch the applique in the evenings or when I am lucky enough to have my feet up in the afternoons. Going to look at the side blocks of this bag being done in some of my Modo charm squares. That is if I can bring myself to break one open.

Little block to the right is the 4th in the Breast of Friends quilt. I was going to needle turn this block, but with Pat so sick I have thought differently. It too will be blanket stitched.

On the right is my table runner I have been working on, while stuck at home. This afternoon I am going to get the binding sorted and this evening I'll start the hand sewing side of it.

Plus my rulers and colour wheel are just a fingers reach from my play area. I love how I have sewing items and gifts made for me hanging around the room.

I love helpful tips and this one I learnt a couple of weeks ago at Tuesday's sewing group. I was using some paper for February's hexi swap when Khris showed me what she uses for templates in her sewing.

Brilliant I say....... These thin plastic cutting boards are from GoLo for $2.00 and there are 2 sheets in the packet. Bigger than an A4 sheet of paper. Cheaper than the template sheets from your sewing supplier too.

Well that is about it from me today. Time to get motivated and do something. Though after having Pat so sick since last Sunday morning, I am starting to rush shoot of go-go juice. If I'm nat posting over the weekend...have a great weekend and catch you again soon.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A-7 Dad's Plaids

I finished this block off last night with the hand sewing part of it, watching Criminal Minds. The green fabric was from a charm lotto I won over on the craft forum biggrin last year.

Hoping that I have the leaves correct and there is enough room when it comes (eons away) to sewing all the blocks together.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A-3 Hunters' Moon

Finished another block in my Dear Jane quilt. This one is A-1 Hunters Moon. What I really enjoyed about this one was the needle turn I was able to do. Getting better at this form of hand sewing and if you look close enough, the stitches are harder to see against the coloured fabric.

In Breast of Friends, block 4 uses needle turn and I am looking forward to using my new skill on this block as well.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Moda Charms Packs

I'm so excited as this morning in the mail I received my Moda charm packs from Green Fairy Quilts.

The other weekend they had a special on where if I spent $10.00 I got a free charm pack.

I ordered 2 and got the Lamour charm pack for free. I opened them up to take some photos and emailed them to my sister Deb.

I have been drooling over Glace by 3 sisters for months now and I have it in my sewing room. I just love the colours and patterns on these charm squares.

Bar Harbor is the other one I ordered and I just love the colours of this one too.

My freebie charm pack, Lamour. Love the colours and patterns.

I have to confess I have become a real Moda junkie. mrgreen I am thinking of a couple of projects to use some of the charm packs I have collected. Then this leaves me open to pick up some more. This addiction has been developed by the Tuesday girls. Many thanks girls.

Speaking of our little Tuesday sewing group, I won't be there tomorrow. Pat is very sick at the moment and I can't leave him on his own. So I am going to use the morning to sew my little heart out at home.

Been cleaning up a list on my white board in the sewing room, yesterday & today. The Dear Jane blocks and I'll do them tonight, if all goes to plan.

  • Packaged and ready for posting.....check. biggrin
  • Sorted out BOF block 4 and only need to applique to fabric ...check. biggrin
  • Betty's box of stuff is sorted and being washed as I blog..... check. biggrin
  • Tea cup & saucer table runner all cut and ready to sew after embroidery is done...check. biggrin
  • Sorted out new fabric I had sitting around.....check. biggrin
  • Dream Bag applique will be done tomorrow.....almost a check. lol

See what happens when you cut the ties to "Facebook". You get things done and you become very crafty. rolleyes I love my very old and very used white board.

Anyway back into the sewing room and back sorting out the Breast Of Friends.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ham Bag???

I made a ham bag today. that kind of ham bag.............. This kind of ham bag. lol

Percy is off to Queensland next week and I thought after Clare had sent Percy some material with pigs on it, he should have a travel bag.

I think I'm now on my "P" plates as I didn't have a pattern and the bag just evolved as I spent time on it, this afternoon.

I used a box bottom to give him more room and used some green to break up the browns. Also I just had to add some ricrac on the front.

I love this lining material and I have to admit I have a lot on lay-by at my local Spotlight. Won't say how many metres, as you may either faint or your hand could come through the computer screen and slap me. My saving grace is, I bought the last of what was on the bolt, when they had their special on bolt clearances.

I have enough material to make Petunia a girlie one, next week.

On Monday I'll get some rope stuff for the pull part at the top and then Percy's bag label can be attached and then he's off Tuesday.

You know this pig has been more places that I could ever dream of seeing........Maybe one day I'll get to go with him as someone will need to muck out his bag........

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Its Off My List

Yesterday I decided today was going to be sewing, sewing and more sewing. Tomorrow will be clean the house day. Well for the morning anyway. lol

I started off by visiting the post office and posted off 12 buttons to England in a "button swap". As well a fat 1/4 and goodies in another swap. Picked up a few items and then home.

By this time it was getting warm and so I moved out into back rooms and had the kitchen table to myself.

Three items will be completed by the time I go to bed tonight.

Our friend's daughter is cat crazy and I have made a cushion for her bedroom. I used Brenda's favourite colours and fussy cut the cat material for the centre and corners. The back of the cushion is the light blue spotty material. There will be 3 light blue buttons on the back.

I also finished off the "pot holder" for a swap and have just to do the hand binding after tea tonight. As well the binding on the "placemat" swap for this month. These will be done while watching a DVD with my feet up and relaxing.

Just so happy with the fact for a change I have actually managed to get done what I wanted and in the time frame I had planned.

Tomorrow I am aiming to start Percy's travel bag.

You never know I may even get to start my "Dream Bag" on Sunday. Don't know how long I have had the fabric sitting there for the applique part.

Anyway, better get this finished and published and start the evening's meal.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Breast Of friends Block 3 Finished

Block 3 is now finished and I'm ready to move onto block 4. While working on this block, I found I am getting such a buzz with our journey I am traveling with my sister Deb.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Jane A-1 Redone

With the cooler weather and the house wide open with a cool breeze blowing through, I spent most of the morning in the sewing room. I wasn't happy with the A-1 block in the Dear Jane series and re-did it.

I was awake at 5 am this morning and it hit me where I went wrong in the whole block, first time round. There was a seam allowance of 1/4 inch and I didn't sew the blocks together, using that seam allowance. I did a smidgen allowance when sewing the blocks together.

So with the radio on, cats keeping me company and that cool breeze doing its thing, I started. Stopped half way through for a cappuccino out the back with Pat and then I didn't stop until I was finished and then I had lunch.

Took my camera to photograph the block and look what I found. eek

My cat "Lucky" fast asleep on the fabric I used this time around. Gee whiz, can't turn my back for a second. lol After once again explaining to her why she can't sleep on my fabric, I moved her to a chair. Resulting in Lucky getting huffy and going out to tell her dad about it.

Once the fur was removed from said fabric and the new block under her as well, I took some photos.

Lets see how much better I did second time round. mrgreen

I picked out a different colour fabric and this time I cut and sewed by row, rather than doing all the blocks in 1 hit and then sewing them together. This was a good idea as I was able to see I was on the right track about that mistake and all was going well. Plus it made me feel better with all gone right this time round.

The bottom right hand crease is from Lucky laying on it.

Now with both together you can see how much better the second block is.

I have always had the firm principal of showing the the good, bad and down right ugly in my blogs. That way, I can as well as you see my journey and know that someone out there can and does stuff things up.

So proud of the fact I had gone back and revisited what I had done and fixed what was a poorly made block. So now instead of looking for advice from Dawn next Tuesday, I can show her the results of working out where I went wrong and how I fixed it.

Now I wonder if I was to leave a bad block in the sewing room, will Lucky sleep on that one and leave my good stuff alone? rolleyes Naaaa, that's too easy.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Check out Percy's Sister

Percy's sister is growing and looking very pretty. You can tip toe over to Percy's blog and see for yourself. SSShhh she's sleeping.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Dear Jane A-1

It's 37.2 degrees outside and its awful as I just went and gave fresh water to the animals.

To keep myself occupied while the heat pounds down on us, I spent time at the kitchen table in front of the a/c and little coloured TV.

You'll all be happy to know John & Marlena were remarried (again) on Days of our Lives and that John has all his memories back. Yes you guessed it, I'm a closet "DOOLS" fan.

Anyway while that tortured my poor husband, I did block A-1 in the Dear Jane quilt. Having a baby pigglet to care for meant Hettie's Patch bag needed to be close by. Far too hot in the sewing room for me or the new piglet.

I'm hoping I have remembered Dawn's instructions from 2 weeks ago. Yes you did read right, 2 weeks ago. Had a lot of health problems with Pat, so I was busy else where.

First off I needed to trace the 16 blocks as I was using the foundation piecing for this block.

Then each block was sewn and paper removed. Then sewn together by rows.

Wish I could remember more of Veronica's I saw yesterday. To me Veronica's was perfect and her edges were nicer than mine.

Maybe I 'm too judgmental of my own work. I know one of the points in the centre didn't match up. Could be this "scant" seam I have to sew.

Think I'll fill out the diary and see what Dawn thinks of it next week. Just out of interest it took me 4 hours to make this block. So when Pat said, did I have enough material to make another one this arvo.......... I said I ain't doing this block again today. If I need to next week yes.....

Off to see what the baby pig needs.... feeding, changing, walking........ You can also vote if you want on what her name will be. That can be found on the right side of Postcards from Percy. It'll be announced next Tuesday.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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