Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hexagon Swaps

I've been busy since Christmas finishing off or even going as far as catching up on swaps.

I was snowed under in December and Suziwong was lovely enough to wait until her hexi was finished.

My hexi to Suzie is on the left and the one Suzie sent on the right. That was the December swap.

January's swap was almost twins. Mine to Ondrea on the left and the one Ondrea sent me is on the right.

Both of these will be posted off tomorrow.

As you can see we have been swapping hexagons for 7 months now and its still as popular as when we started. I thought I'd pop a photo up, to give people an idea of what sort of theme is developing.

The little brown cat hexi came from Switzerland. I can't get over the fact one I made is over there too.

I love these hexagons and have so enjoyed seeing other people's as well. This little swap has helped me so much with my hand sewing too.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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