Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Friend And A Bargain

Today Pat & I travelled into the city so I could meet Donna a fellow quilter from Our Craft Forum. I had spoken to Donna on the phone earlier this year and was just so thrilled to think we were finally going to meet.

A few minutes after 11 am we were left to have a cuppa while Donna's Adelaide relatives and Pat went window shopping.

Well it was like meeting up with am old friend, I think our cuppa went over time by an But we didn't feel guilty when we all met up later after lunch. mrgreen

Donna is an amazing woman who has just floored me with her outlook on life. If more people were like her, our world would be a better place.

We had a mini show & tell and mine was the Round Robin Medallion I was involved in this year. Reason I took my RR was Donna did the first boarder and I wanted to show Donna the end result in person, rather than the photos I had posted. Donna showed me some beautiful candlewick embroidery, she has done on some cushions.

Like all visits it was so short and with hugs and promises to see each other another day when she's in Adelaide, Pat & I headed off to Spotlight.

Amy & Ben had given me a gift voucher card for Spotlight and I wanted some DMC skeins. While I was browsing I spotted a super reduced item and was so glad I had the voucher in my bag.

Sorry the photo is a bit blurry, my camera batteries are flat and I used Pat's camera that does everything but clean the loo and make our bed.

For some reason that even had a lady who works in Spotty, needed to check to see if the price was correct. A $69.99 quilters calculator was reduced to $8.00 and I spotted it. How could I leave this bargain behind?? I am guessing as there was some other ones on the shelve, this one may have been a older model.

All the information is still in the sealed packaging. Little DVD is there and the book to learn how to use it. Even if it gets used more as a normal calculator, it was cheaper than buying one elsewhere.

I have often wondered about using one of these, about 18 months worth of wondering. All things come to you.......if you wait.....LOL. Best part is, I still have some $$$$ left on the voucher gift card, for another day.

I have been busy in my sewing room. One of the items I am working on is a secret swap. At our Christmas luncheon, we all had to take a fat 1/4 in an envelope with 3 items we'd like it made into. We then had to draw someone else's envelope out of the basket.

Very excited about who I picked and what I am making. So much I am thinking I'd like one myself. So I can't show you that item. I will recharge my camera batteries and then I can take a photo of my lap quilt. I have pieced together the 6 rows of 6 blocks and its looking FAB.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I love reading people's blogs and I am often amazed at how clever you all are.

Photos showing off your brilliant creations, be they new or a reproduction of a pattern that has caught your eye.

Also I love to show you what I have been working on or have completed. Today's post is no different.

Just that what I want to show you today....... has not been as perfect as a photo wants you to think it is.

Let me show you. confused

This baby tote bag I make is for my great niece Rachel. She is such a sweetie and so I wanted to make something special for Rachel and parents.

I loved the fabric when I saw it at Spotlight and with the yellow spotty fabric I thought it would look sweet. This side of the bag shows the panels of little children in a bathroom scene.


On this side the panels are upside down. I didn't pick this was going to happen until I had sew the sides up and turned it right side out. The bag is an all in one piece.

Crap!!! Do I unpick the whole thing and redo it to correct the side that is wrong?? I hummed and harred for a while and thought no. I didn't want to loose any of the size by cutting into the pattern. So Rachel & her parents are the proud owners of a baby tote bag...."a one of a kind" that will still carry lots of those baby items they need and its still sent with all of Auntie Leanne & Uncle Pat's love.

Now the other example of what I want to show you.

I was given some gawjus cat fabric in a 12 Days of Christmas swap we did, with the Tuesday's sewing group girls.

Figured I'd turn half the fabric into another zipper bag for my sewing. Never can have too many of these in my books.

How cute are these funky cats??? Love them and the brightness of the whole fabric. I have only made 2 other zipper bags and thought...yeah I'll be right!!!

All was going good until I turned the bag right way out.

Yep my second oops.

I didn't sew the sides right to hide the raw edges. So when I showed the lovely lady who taught me how to make the other 2. I asked in the new year can we have a fresh lesson

Bag still holds anything I put inside, cats still look bright and funky...... and I made the bag on my own.

Now getting back to the blogs I love to read. I read and look at the photos that are on show and I think wow that is lovely or wow fantastic! Then I might ask myself, can I be that good with my sewing/quilting. Or I think, I'm gonna be that good one day.

So guess I am saying to my readers, be they have years of experience or to the novice like we all were or still are................................

Its okay to make a mistake and its okay to show this mistake, as it lets someone know, they are not alone.

This month I celebrate 2 years of sewing/quilting. I have learnt a lot from some wonderful women. But the best lesson I have learnt is...........

Unless I try, I shall never know,
Unless I do, I shall never grow,
Unless I grow, I shall never succeed.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Life Is Beautiful

After waiting for my batteries to recharge for the camera, I am so pleased to be able to show you the another block in the "Life Is Beautiful" quilt. I used needle turn in this block. Though I am sure it you want to blanket stitch will look just as lovely.

I had a brain wave at some stage last night. I have decided to take the 3 main quilts that will take me a while to make, out of the "On My Sewing Table" list and pop them with the latest photo of the block in the side bar. Also I'll list how many block I have made.

I was going to pop the Breast of Friends block 5 up, but I forgot to pop handles on the right sided woman's shopping bags. Doh!!! Also Deb is going to send back a couple of little buttons for me to pop on the girl's collars. So you will have to wait until just after Christmas for a look see on that one.

Well got a date with a hexi block........

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Dear Jane Block

I've spent the last 2 evenings on the "A-2 block " One - two buckle my shoe, from the Dear Jane book.

There are 40 pieces to this block and I lost count how many times I unpicked some of them.

Did I tell you at the quilt/craft expo last month, there was a Dear Jane quilt on display. Well that convinced me to keep going with the original colours (earthy tones) I had started with. This was my 12th block and there are 225 all together.

Well it's 10.30 and my eyes are streaming from being so tired with the heat we're having and I guess late night sewing and unpicking. I think its time I went to bed.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Rural Jardin

I have been so busy of late that I haven't shown you my beautiful fabric that I ordered from Cotton Charm Quilts from the USA. How slack of me as I am sure you know how much I love Moda

I bought a half yard of 10 different pattern/colours in the French General range of Rural Jardin. Couple of the fabrics below I bought at Hettie's Patch as a reward for loosing 2 kilo in weight.

There is something about the colours and patterns in the French General range that just grabs me, every time I see it.

I mean how gorgeous is this fabric??? Also the feel of the Moda fabric is just so lovely to hold and stroke. Bit like your favourite animal I guess..............

Now I am thinking what will I do with this beautiful fabric? I'm making the Life Is Beautiful quilt. I'll take the stitchery blocks to Dawn's on a Tuesday and Khris' on a Friday. Something easy to tote around the place.

I have already completed 1 block and almost another.

Had to stitch the cat block

I'm keeping with the blue and red theme of the fabrics, with blue being the main thread colour.

I'm using needle turn for the fabric applique. Needle turn I am finding isn't as scary as what it sounds like.

There is more show and tell on other items, but that'll have to wait for another day. Not enough hours in the day

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

First Pieced Blocked

My very first pieced block for my first lap quilt. mrgreen

Well actually its really my second. eek First one I made I was so proud of it and sent a phone photo to Khris to show her and then promptly noticed I didn't do the bow tie right. The top left and bottom right squares weren't matching fabrics.

Here I was all choked up with emotion showing Pat and I didn't notice I had it a bit wrong. LOL.

Thanks goodness for those little unpicking thingos. .................ROTFL

Anyway all fixed and I'm just making the 1 block tonight. I'll make more over the weekend. Really pleased as I even managed to make it the right size too.

I'm thinking I'll match up the fabrics into the bow tie blocks and then sew them all up. That way the fabric will be correct and matching (we can hope) and then I won't get to the end and have made a huge mistake.

I'm using a charm pack of Moda "Luna Notte" through out the quilt. Plus some extra matching fabric all bought at Hettie's Patch.

Do you remember the first block you made for your first pieced quilt??? I'd love to hear from you if you can and want to share how long ago it was and how you felt. I like to think I'm not alone in feeling proud, excited and yeah a bit teary over it.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Round Robin Medallion Home

Early this year I appliqued a 12 inch square and posted to the first quilter, so began it's journey around Australia.

Today it came home big and oh so beautiful.

I have never had anything like this, I am so blown away with the stunning beauty, of the ladies work.

I can not say in words the emotions I feel when I look at either the photos or the quilt top itself. My heart was beating as I excepted it from the courier this afternoon.

Closer look at the borders.

I am just so blown away and humbled with the whole experience of being involved in a Round Robin Medallion.

Thank you all.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two Table Runners Finished

Finally I have these 2 table runners finished. They are now hanging in the wardrobe in my sewing room until either used or wrapped.

Top one is mine and its my first Christmas table runner ever. Think it will look lovely on the table through out December.

The bottom one is for Ben's mum as a Christmas present. Kids saw the runner yesterday and said she'll love it.

I have 2 left to finish, only the binding to be hand sew onto the backs of both. Ended up making the extra one for my sister Deb and she'll get that in a couple of weeks.

Then I'll start looking at my first lap quilt. After all the table runners, I think it'll make the quilt even more exciting as I 'll see it as a reward for finishing those 5 table runners.

Also there will be an empty coat hanger and I think for a while it can stay empty.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


These 3 cuties arrived late this week from a lovely lady called Maria who follows my blog. Thank so much Maria these little ones are resting in my sewing room, watching me quilt table runners.

I'm not going to take these to a hospital until early next year, too close to Christmas for people to make and send me any for the next drive.

So if you want to make a HUGGLE for a sick child, you have until the end of February. This will also give me time to make some as well.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Moda In The Mail

Today is a wonderful day for this little Moda junkie. My order from Green Fairy Quilt arrived and I am just in fabric heaven.

I took advantage of the spend $10 and get a charm pack for free. Lets take a look at these little packs of yummies.

I fell in love with the Fandango the first time I saw it at Khris' place. Finally I have my own charm pack now.

French General is just a stunning theme of fabric and so how could I not order Lumiere de Noel. I can see a quilt made with this in a stars theme.

Aahh Park Avenue, what can I say about you???? I have not seen a 3 Sisters fabric I haven't loved yet.

Sadly the Breakfast at Tiffany's isn't mine......its a Christmas present for someone very close to me. Deb knows it is coming her way and I just know she'll love it.

Poor Debbie, she has just cut into a charm pack we gave for her birthday, back in May. I also did a trade for her with something she didn't want, for a charm pack of Spirit with another quilter.

So now Deb needs a second charm pack to get the breeding program started. Not sure what she is doing wrong at her place, as they are not multiplying at all.

Mine are breeding ever so fabulously, I mean I had triplets delivered today. I think maybe my snap lock bags I keep them in are highly fertile.

So how many charm packs are enough or too many???? Sshhh between you and me I have 14 sealed unopened charm packs. Plus some other lovelies in a jelly roll, honey buns and turn overs. Now I haven't bought all of these, some are birthday presents, swaps (thanks you for sending me 2 in the Friends swap) and winning a blog give away.

I don't have a layer cake yet....that is sad isn't it??? I want to order the Rural Jardin in a layer cake next year. I'm hanging out for the Green Fairy Quilt special in the new year, where spend $100 and get free shipping. As I so want one of the Fandango in a layer cake as well. I can see a quilt in the making. That special will take some serious studying to get my breeding program to be just right.

Okay I'm rambling aren't I? LOL

I'm addicted to Moda...yep its a lovely addiction and I can not think of anything better to be addicted too.

Next to be delivered (oh maybe this week??) is 10 half yards of Rural Jardin for my Life Is Beautiful Quilt.

Gotta love my postman at the moment. mrgreen

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Amy's Table Runner

One thing with Amy not visiting my blog, I can show you before Christmas her table runner.

This was a pleasure to sew as I do love foundation piecing. The pattern is by Vicki and I loved it the minute I saw it. Instead of swirls like Vicki used to quilt her runner I picked hearts.

Only problem is, I can't remember what magazine it came from to let you know. Sorry about that. I photocopy the patterns, as I tend to make notes and highlight each part or the project as I complete it.

The table runner is now safely packed away in the wardrobe away from cats and eyes when Amy visits.

I still have mine & Anne's pinwheel Christmas table runners to bind, hoping to get some red fabric this coming week.

Mean while I have started to cut Christmas fabric for my second table runner. I'm using the Moda "Adoring" charm pack I received from Donna in America.

Sewing has come to a halt today, as I woke after a rotten nights sleep to a headache and this afternoon I have a horrible pain down my lower back right side. So hoping its just a 24 hour bug, as I am getting rather pissed off with the pain. I can't sit for a long time without having to get up and move to ease it.

Damn gotta move again....

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stop To Smell A Rose

At quilting today I was teaching myself to embroider a rose bullion. I used my trusty A to Z of bullions book.

The rose on the left as my first ever rose.... Dawn gave me some great tips on how to improve and the rose on the right was my second attempt.

Well that was the morning gone, though I did make 2 cuppas for us as well.

Came home and this afternoon I embroidered a rose on my wall hanger.

One rose later and I called it quits for the day. Said to Pat this will be a while in the making and by the end of it, I'll be able to embroider a rose with both hands tied behind my back.

Colours I chose suit the fabric colourway and the roses will replace the buttons that are on the patten.

I know each rose will be better than the last one, as its practice, practice and yep practice.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Show & Tell

I have been promising some lovely ladies, to show you all some
beautiful goodies they have sent me in the mail.

So without anymore delay lets do show and tell. mrgreen

This hexi was made for me by Joma.
I love the garden setting and it will look lovely
in between my other hexi's.

This hexi I made for Gail.

Some pansy material, with a green background.
This fabric was sent to me by Sandy.
I think its so pretty and I can't wait to show
my sister Deb as she is making a pansy quilt.

Gail also sent me these lovely little gifts and I will be using the scissor
and needle holder with my new "Life Is Beautiful" quilt I am about to start.
That way I won't be leaving home with only half of what I'll be needing.

Gail also made the card and the book marker.

Thanks girls for all your gifts, I love them and will treasure them.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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A Fantastic Give Away

Pop over to Retromummy for a giveaway of Rosalie Quinlan's beautiful new fabric Sweet Broderie.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dream Run This Weekend

On Friday I announced to the world I was having a 2 day sewing festival. Boy I am stoked as that is exactly what happened.

Only breaks I had was, a trip to the supermarket, prepare meals, dishes, animals, gardening this morning and sleep.

It's now Sunday afternoon and the time is 4 pm. The table runner festival has come to a screaming halt. I have run out of Parlan and I need to order more this coming payday from Under The Mulberry Tree.

But I am so thrilled with the results of the last couple of day.

Back a while I won a Moda "Lakeside Resort" pack of 2.5 inch pre-cut squares from Dawn's blog. I wanted to use the Moda fabric for something special for my own use. I picked Crisp Delight table runner that Dawn has designed herself and is on her blog as a free down load.

I finished the binding off late last night while watch a DVD. Think it was at 11.30 when I headed off to bed for the night. Can't wait to show Dawn and the girls this Tuesday at quilting.

I crawled out of bed at about 9.30 this morning and after breakfast I put 90 mins into the vegie garden.

Garden looks great for it and I so enjoyed the time out there.

Yesterday afternoon I sewed up a Christmas table runner that is a Christmas present for a lovely lady. This caused me some concern as I have never made anything so bright in my life.!!

I actually asked the girls on a craft forum, their opinions on it. I wasn't sure about the colours I had picked and if it was too busy and if the colours clashed too much. The girls were great in their opinions and offered what colour the binding they would use.

Once the quilting was done I actually found myself liking the brightness of the runner. Now with the binding, I need to see what I have in scraps to decide if the binding will be done in cream, green or red. Then that's another thing on my list for next payday and a trip to Spotlight.

Today I have pieced together my first ever Christmas table runner for our house. Same pattern, just different fabrics. No more can be done on this until the parlan has been ordered and delivered. So its now hangs on the wall in my sewing room along with the other table runner.

Both table runners together.

I still have another Christmas table runner to make, this one will be going to Amy. Think I'll leave that one until next weekend as its a bit more involved.

Technically they are still on coat hangers and technically those coat hangers aren't free for me to start a new project.

But then technically they will be finished as soon as the parlan arrives. So I think I am safe to start a new project.

Like my first damn.....whhhoooo hooo.

On that note I have a rabbit hutch that needs cleaning out and a broody bantam that needs a house made up so she can be set with 6 eggs tonight.

Only the quick and the dead in this house!!!

You're only limited by your imagination.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Six Coat Hanger Rule

Do you start something and then finish it or do you start a project and then forget to finish it and move onto the next design that catches your eye???

Me, I have a system and it works great, so I thought I would share it with you.

My six coat hanger rule works for me very well. I don't include the swaps I go in as they always have a due date on them. But for my own items I love the 6 coat hanger idea.

The way my coat hanger rule works is easy, if there is a vacant hanger on the wall, I can start something new. No empty coat hanger, finish something if I feel the need to start something new.

I love my walls as I have free range to hang things on it, this also helps if your not renting the house. LOL. Also I hang all my rulers just above the sewing table for easy reach.

In the photo above, the 3 coat hangers are taken up with the first "Breast Of Friends" block I wasn't happy with. Its hanging there waiting to be turned into a cushion. Been hanging there for a while now, better give it a shake outside to remove any dust build up. eek

Behind the cream table runner (binding that tonight) is my new stitchery quilt "Life Is Beautiful" I am getting ready to start. This quilt replaces the cream table runner on that coat hanger. On the 3rd coat hanger is the bird house wall hanger. That Christmas table runner was on the other side of the room where the other 3 hangers are.

This wall is behind me when I'm at the sewing table. Breast Of Friends block I am working on, plus a couple more table runners cut and to be pieced together.

I love to hang gifts around the room as well, plus templates in bags too. Saves me loosing and spending hours looking for them.

All 6 coat hangers are always hanging something I am making, its in my face to help me not to forget to finish them.

Please don't ask me how I would keep track of my projects if I didn't have a sewing room, cos' I would have no answer for

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my little (if anal) way I run my sewing room.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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