Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday's Sewing Christmas

Our Tuesday Christmas lunch was a fun day with the sewing girls of our group. We each brought some food and we had a lovely lunch at Dawn's place. Judy even had us sewing a little Christmas project..... not quite finished...I'll show it to you when we finish them off.

These little goodies came from a few of the girls on the day....there also was a scratchy ticket.... I didn't win

Inside the cup is a packet of chocolate pudding mix to make using the cup and microwave. I eat the pudding from the cup.

My Kris Kringle was Joy and she spoilt me something special.

I adore cushions and check out these 2 lovely little cushions.

I saw them in a mag one month and thought how cute..... and now I have 2 for myself.

Joy said I had commented on this wall hanger one Tuesday. It's hanging in the lounge room.

Thanks so much Joy for spoiling me and being such a lovely sewing sister.

Now that we each know who our KK was on the day........ can't keep things a secret can we??? LOL.

I thought I would show you what I made Joy for her Christmas present.

She loves the cushion. So do I for that matter. Going to make one in green for myself. Also a cat one for Brenda.... simple as to make too.

Still more goodies to come in the next post.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Jude said...

It was a fun day and we all received some lovely gifts. See you nexy tuesday.

Lucky-1 said...

It was a fun day:) Catch ya Tuesday for sure:D

Dawn said...

Fancy drawing each others name out...Lol... was a great day had by all....see you Tuesday..
Hugs Dawn x x x