Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Christmas Time.

How was your Christmas ??? Mine was relaxing as other people cooked and I visited 2 different family's places for the meals. Both Pat & I came home last night, well fed and very spoilt.

Over the next couple of days I am going to show you some of the most beautiful gifts I was given from my sewing sisters. I think they all deserve their own posts.

Love all you girls heaps.

For the past 25 days I have been enjoying my first Christmas Advent swap over on the sewing forum.

I was very spoilt by my swap partner "Geniene". So spoilt I want to share some of my advent gifts with you today.

Some of the beautiful gifts I was sent. Some Geniene made and the work is stunning. Two more books to help me learn to embroider flowers. Some gifts I got to

The bag on the right I was just so excited to receive as I have always wanted one of these. But I have never sewn a zip yet. Inside I found 2 lovely purple skeins of embroidery cotton. So now on Tuesdays, when I go to my sewing group, I am not using a sandwich bag.

The bag on the left is what I opened on Christmas Day. Isn't it beautiful? Look at the stitchery Geniene sewed on both bags.

Thanks so much Geniene for being my Advent swap partner for this year. You did so spoil me.

I wanted to show you the Christmas present I made for Geniene. I also made other gifts as well and added sewing items through out the advent swap.

Well Christmas is all over for another 12 months. Hoping to get back into a routine, as I haven't been sewing much of late.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Donna said...

Hi Leanne,

Happy Happy Christmas. I always enjoy your blogs, and I love how well you have progressed in your new art - congratulations.

I'm thinking - I also might do a blog this year - it's a great way of communicating to everyone. Your example is inspiring, a year ago you were only starting to sew, and now you where you are.

Twenty-two months ago I was relearning to speak and write - I think it's about time I started to write for other people, and what better way should I start writing again but in our wonderful Craft Forum!

Thanks for your inspiration, Leanne. Have a great 2010 year.

Hugs, Donna (Domac) in Brisbane.

Renny's little things said...

Thanks to you too Leanne for the beautiful gifts you sent to me.
You are really doing well with your sewing and if I did not know I would say you were old hat at it all not just a yearling!!!
Some of the handmade gifts Leanne sent me were a felt cornicopica, coasters, the little owls featured in an earlier post, little bag and the big bag that was my final pressie was fualtless.
Thanks you so much for being my swap partner and who ever gets you next year is going to get some wonderful stuff seeings your experience level will be so much more
Keep up the great work and thanks for your friendship
Geniene XXX

Margarita said...

All lovely presents there Leanne, you are one "Lucky" person

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks girls...... you are most welcome Geniene:D

Tozz said... got some gorgeous things Leanne...Geniene is a beautiful sewer and what you sent are fab too :) I got some gorgeous things from you too :) I Love them to bits :)hugs