Saturday, November 7, 2009

All Shopped Out

I am going to try and contain myself as I tell you all about my day at the Craft & Quilting expo. Its the first time for me. Not going to tell you about eating my homemade jam on my homemade bread I had for lunch, or the water I carried. More $$$ for fabric.

No I am going to tell you about the goodies I came home with.

I'll begin at the start, just before 10 am.

While waiting in line, there was a warm up dance thingy. I was picked as a dancer from the line up. You'll be happy to know I can now dance like John Travolta to the song "Grease Lightening".

I scored 4 charm squares, 1 fat 1/4, glue pen with glitter in it and 3 tapestry skeins.

Also I scored this cushion pattern as well. Not bad for a few minutes work. How exciting to have a bag of goodies for nothing, before I even go through the doors.

The main item I was after were lace butterflies.

Look how well I scored. The big butterfly on the left, was bought and given to me by my niece Josephine. I am stoked with the find as I haven't been able to see them in my travels around Adelaide.

Josephine also bought me these 3 fat 1/8 of animal prints for my quilt I would like to make one day. I so love big cats....... bigger the better.

Now for the rest of what I spent my hard earned savings on after months of saving. I am over whelmed with what I came away with.

This was a fat 1/4 pack that I fell in love with. Just love those cups & sauces. A table runner or a small table cloth??????

I found a stall that was selling fat 1/4 for $3.30 each and I took full advantage of them.

These 3 will be used as backings on the "Breast of Friends" blocks.

The green one Debbie bought for my quilt, so there is something of her in my quilt.

Couple more fat 1/4s for the "Breast of Friends" quilt, once again Deb bought the green one for me. I bought Deb two pink toned fat 1/4s for her "Breast of Friends" quilt.

Had to have a bag pattern too. I loved this one on display and as I'm a green freak, I picked this pack.

I also picked up some Clover embroidery needles after having a chat about the needle sizing and what one I should be using. Deb & I went halves in a roll of "Clear Grip"for the back of our rulers.

Drooled over the quilts on display......patiently waited while Josephine looked at all the beads. My eye sight couldn't cope with some of those beads....stunning work though. Just stunning. Such tiny holes to tread wire and threads through.

So there you have it..... my trip to the Expo. I'm tired and happy, just how it should be.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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barb's creations said...

WOW,You did well leanne!!
Can't wait to see your next breast of Friends BOM block those fabrics are going to go so well :) Barb.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

WOW Lucky!- you did VERY well!!! LOL.= lots of beautiful FQ's. :~)

Karen's Korner said...

Sounds and looks like a very successful day to me. Love the teacup fabric.

miss~nance said...

Looks like you had a great day Leanne. Love all your goodies. AND well done on the dance.........

Hugs & Blessings


Gloria said...

Lucky you did well... great finds
I love those butterflies & the cup & saucer print. Expo's are exaustingly fun....

Narelle said...

Leanne looks like you had a great time and to get the exercise before you even got in the door a great warm up, to walking from stall to stall buying things. Just love the butterflys.

Lucky-1 said...

Thank you all so much for commenting on this post. I am still on a high today with my all day shopping

Home of Creative Treasures said...

The dance bit doesn't surprise

I do envy you having the opportunity to go to the fair.

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Lucky-1 said...

Oh it was amazing and the quilts just stunning.

Jude said...

You did well Leanne, pity we missed the dancing you will have to do a rerun on Tuesday. looks like you got some bargains too, please bring them for us to see.