Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dream Tote Bag

I haven't posted here much of late, due to the Christmas rush in my sewing room.

I finished off the presents I wanted to make for the Craft Forum Christmas Advent swap. Can't show those goodies here, as I know "G" is often visiting here. We get to open a little pressie each day. That is going to be such a cool lead up to Christmas Day. First time I have ever done anything like this.

I made a birthday present for the forum birthday 2010 swap. If I make a present and send it to the lady organizing this swap, when its my birthday, she'll send me something from one of the ladies who also added to the birthday swap. Can't show you that either, as it will spoil someone's birthday surprise.

Also made a Kris Kringle present for our Tuesday sewing group. Can't show you that one either, as that one is a secret.

Almost seems pointless me posting today doesn't it????? Well maybe not.

It's 12 months next month since I started sewing. One of the many projects I have looked at, has so caught my eye early this year. Just had to start looking and saving up fabric to make it.

My dream bag. There is just something that caught my eye and I keep a pic of it on my cork board.

Lets take a look at it.

This fabric is for the centre floral applique piece.

These fabrics are for the edge side blocks.

Once these 2 parts are completed I'll then look for more material to add the next part of the pattern. The colours I have chosen will be easy to match up with.

Now the dream bag itself.

Wow!! Is all I can think of when I look at this tote bag. I can't pin point why it draws me to it, just does.

Now that I have about finished all the time limited swaps I can not only start to work on this bag, but also a surprise for my readers. There was a hint somewhere in today's post.

Also next month I should be able to start the second block in the "Breast of Friends". Deb has been so busy on the sheep station and making her Christmas gifts too. With the 2 of us only making this beautiful quilt, we can easily turn 1 month block into a 2 month if need be.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Hexi Swaps.

I have some more of those monthly hexies I am swapping over on the craft forum.

October Hexi Swap

The one I made for Tina, she has a Christmas theme going with her hexi swap.

The one I was sent from Tina.

November Hexi Swap

This rose hexi is for Linda. I used 1 DMC thread to embroider it.

From Linda, a chook to add to my collection of animal hexis.

This swap is very quick each month and ever so addictive. I am so enjoying the whole swap and ideas are flowing so easily.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Needle Book Swap

Over on the craft forum there was a needle book swap. This was a down the line swap. Now its finished I can show you what I made and sent, plus what was made and sent to me.

Front of Jeanette's needle book. I used a strand from a cream and burgundy DMC thread for embroidering Jeanette's Name.

Inside the needle book there is 4 pockets for storing items.

From Helen I was sent all of the following goodies, as Helen included some RAK.

Love my chooks and look at my pin cushion and needle book, plus a tea bag holder. But that isn't all of the goodies.

Check out the fabric........

Pussy cats....... so Fab and cool looking.

Couple of chooks with some more fabric, love my green fabrics.

Plus these beautiful floral fabrics. Plus there was a sheet of freezer paper.

Thank you so much Helen I feel very spoilt and thanks for being my down the line swap for the needle book swap.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lounge Covers Finished.

I know there is a proper name for these items, but I can't remember what it is. But what ever they are called................. finally finished.

Taken a long time to make as I had a lot to learn as I went along. Last night and for a while today I finished them off by stippling the boarders.

Talk about spoilt cats you say??? No fear, talk about a smart mum, if you ask me. The cat quilt on the seat is removed and the person sitting has less fur on their clothes. The quilt on the head rest is for when the cats lay there and if (so far nothing has happened) there is the odd fur ball. Easier to wash the quilts than the material on the lounge chairs.

Very proud of the whole project as I picked out 4 of the 6 inch blocks I found on this site. I measured up the size I wanted the end of the quilt to be and went from there. No eyelash stitching on the back with my stippling.

Can't ask for any better in my books.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finished Block

Block one of the "Breast of Friends" is finished. Took a heap of photos and thought ...hang on....birds don't have their eyes. Oops!!

So as soon as I have posted this, I'll give the birds an eye each.

I am so proud of my effort and so glad I restarted with the light weight interfacing on the back. It was such a joy to look at and pickup, compared to the first one, with the whisper weft.

Not that one is to be wasted, it was suggested at our sewing group....turn it into a cushion. So that is what I'll do with it.

I'll now wait till Deb has finished her block and then we'll start the second one. So until then I'll work on other projects that are hanging around my sewing room.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

All Shopped Out

I am going to try and contain myself as I tell you all about my day at the Craft & Quilting expo. Its the first time for me. Not going to tell you about eating my homemade jam on my homemade bread I had for lunch, or the water I carried. More $$$ for fabric.

No I am going to tell you about the goodies I came home with.

I'll begin at the start, just before 10 am.

While waiting in line, there was a warm up dance thingy. I was picked as a dancer from the line up. You'll be happy to know I can now dance like John Travolta to the song "Grease Lightening".

I scored 4 charm squares, 1 fat 1/4, glue pen with glitter in it and 3 tapestry skeins.

Also I scored this cushion pattern as well. Not bad for a few minutes work. How exciting to have a bag of goodies for nothing, before I even go through the doors.

The main item I was after were lace butterflies.

Look how well I scored. The big butterfly on the left, was bought and given to me by my niece Josephine. I am stoked with the find as I haven't been able to see them in my travels around Adelaide.

Josephine also bought me these 3 fat 1/8 of animal prints for my quilt I would like to make one day. I so love big cats....... bigger the better.

Now for the rest of what I spent my hard earned savings on after months of saving. I am over whelmed with what I came away with.

This was a fat 1/4 pack that I fell in love with. Just love those cups & sauces. A table runner or a small table cloth??????

I found a stall that was selling fat 1/4 for $3.30 each and I took full advantage of them.

These 3 will be used as backings on the "Breast of Friends" blocks.

The green one Debbie bought for my quilt, so there is something of her in my quilt.

Couple more fat 1/4s for the "Breast of Friends" quilt, once again Deb bought the green one for me. I bought Deb two pink toned fat 1/4s for her "Breast of Friends" quilt.

Had to have a bag pattern too. I loved this one on display and as I'm a green freak, I picked this pack.

I also picked up some Clover embroidery needles after having a chat about the needle sizing and what one I should be using. Deb & I went halves in a roll of "Clear Grip"for the back of our rulers.

Drooled over the quilts on display......patiently waited while Josephine looked at all the beads. My eye sight couldn't cope with some of those beads....stunning work though. Just stunning. Such tiny holes to tread wire and threads through.

So there you have it..... my trip to the Expo. I'm tired and happy, just how it should be.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blocks & Tickets.

Are you going to the Adelaide Quilting & Craft Fair over the next few days? I am on Saturday. I have my debit card all pumped up and ready to shop until it's dead. There is a ticket for me, my sister Deb & her daughter Josephine. Amy was going but now can't.

For all three of us, this will be our first trip to the fair and I am hoping this will be come an annual event for us each year.

I suggested to Debbie about buying one or two fat 1/4's for each others Breast of Friends quilt. So that there is a bit of each other in our quilts and also for the girls when our quilt are passed down to them. Deb thought this was a great idea.

We are so excited about spending the day there, taking our own lunch, more $$$ for fabric. Taking my shopping trolley to put our goodies in, save us carrying them. If I come away with only those lace butterfly embellishments I'll be just so happy. I can't find them anywhere I have been so far.

Some of my Tuesday sewing group are there today, hope they don't buy up

The Dear Jane quilt is coming along nicely. Not speeding and I do a block here and there, when I have caught up on my swaps.

D-3..... Jason's Jacks.

M-10..... Simple Simon.

Still a long way to go with this quilt. I love to Google Jane's quilts to see what colour schemes have been used. I saw a complete quilt in only red & white....stunning.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stippling Update.

After having a comment from Creative Treasures, who is my sister.

I gave her a phone call. We had a good chat and while talking, Sue gave me some advice on the stippling problem.

You'll be happy to know the problem has been fixed and it was to do with my tension.

Thanks heaps Sis.


After a wonderful Melbourne Cup luncheon combined with sewing at our Tuesday sewing group, I came home and practiced my stippling.

I want to stipple these head rest covers on the outside boarder. So I need to practice more and then as I stipple more, it'll also improve.

These are the pieces I did last night. I did some circles to try and get the evenness on the back sorted out.

Those 10 kilo bread bags are great for this idea and to work out the button size I am after, when I need a button hole. Also my sister Sue, gave me some old cottons to use when practicing a stitch, saves using the good ones. Thanks Sis, your a clever Sis.

The back. As you can see I am still not 99% good at it. I feel I am not doing the curve areas smooth enough yet. I am hoping this will improve with time.

I don't think the cats will mind the back of the covers not being as purr-fect as they could be.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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