Saturday, October 17, 2009

Magazines & Books

Over on soggy bottom flats quilting & stitching there is a really fun give away going on. It all about those magazines that we buy or are given and what we do with them.

I have 10 years worth or gardening magazines, stored safe and sound in plastic sleeves in folders in our book case. Stopped buying them back a couple of years ago as I have so many and I mean how many ways can you sow carrot seeds????

Now with my sewing passion....... I have those magazines to collect and keep.

Lets take a look at my collection so far.

Hello there's Percy, that's where he lives when not out traipsing around our planet. A lot of those hard covered books are all the ones I have been lucky enough to win.

The wooden boxes are from a bank that was throwing them out. Make great book holders and also material boxes.

I also use Amy's build in wardrobe for storing books and the draws are full of goodies too. The clothes rail is great for hanging up my felt packs amongst other items. Those plastic folder to the right have templates, photocopied patterns or helpful hints in them.

When I ordered my subscription I was lucky enough to score a free subscription at the same time of a different magazine. Also Pat's dad gave me a subscription as well, for Christmas last year. Binders were free with the subscriptions.

So how do you store or keep your mags???? Or do you pass them on to a friend or family??? Why not check out soggy bottom flats quilting & stitching have a go at winning a give away and read all the comment as well.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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clare's craftroom said...

Thanks for that Lucky , I'll go over and have a look .

bon008 said...

Wow, nice and organised!

All my gardening magazines are just lumped together in a basket in the fireplace. I've finally willed myself to stop buying them, since I never refer back to them, so perhaps it's about time I freecycled them.

Lucky-1 said...

Good idea about freecycle if they are don't being used. I love sitting and just flicking through them with a cuppa.