Friday, October 30, 2009

Day Of The Birds

After spending the morning sweating as I cleaned rooms in our house, a shower and then I was into my dose of sewing for the day.

While it was warming up outside, I was happy with my new little buddies in the kitchen under the a/c.

Once all finished and tidied up (well almost tidied up) I took my new little buddies out the back and hung them in my nectarine tree.

One good thing about these little birds, they didn't eat the duck's & chicken pellets when fed this evening.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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bon008 said...

hehe, cute :)

Karen's Korner said...

What a great way to spend a hot day. How cute are they.

Gloria said...

Very cute Leanne. I love that tree.

Kimba4 said...

Lovely owls. Hoot Hoot

clare's craftroom said...

They're gorgeous !