Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad Lucky!!! Bad Lucky!!

Well who's a bad girl then???

Back from our quilt shop crawl and I must say firstly, a huge thank you to my beautiful hubby.....Patrick for driving us to both shops. It was his idea actually to visit 2 quilting places, we were happy with just one. But then who's going to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak??

With my direction maps off the internet we collected Deb again from her daughter's house at 10 am and off we went.

First stop.....Quiltaholics.

I was after a couple of material fat 1/4's in green and lemon colours for my "Breast of Friends" quilt. Nothing else..... I was going to be so restrained.

Oh boy oh boy...................... that shop is eye candy to a quilting person. There were rooms here and rooms there and 2 wonderful ladies to help us out. They even gave Pat a cup of coffee while we drooled, patted and perved.

My plan fell off the planet once I entered through the front door of this shop. Oh this shop is just sooooooooooo so, so, so.......just soooooooooooooooo SO. I had to restrain myself...... there was cat material in blocks (cushions), poultry blocks (quilts) country fabric of all kinds. I want to make a bag I saw made by Deb and a couple of other ladies, that has lots of pockets...........going to take my retro chook material back here one day and match up some country material, when I am ready to make it.

So lets take a look at what I bought there.

For my "Breast of Friends" quilt. I think I have enough for the blocks now and if I need say a bit later on next year... I'm going back to Quiltaholics.

Deb was after flannelet material for a raggy quilt. While we drooled and did all those addictive twitches, Deb said something about labels for quilts.

I have been after them since I saw one Deb used in a "bag swap" we did on the craft forum. So I asked and look what I found.

Isn't it just the cutest label print?? The only other label material I have found has been at Spotlight and they were just awful. Well I thought they were...

After we left Quiltaholics, we picked up the other set of directions and headed off to Unley where Riverlea Cottage is. This was to be Deb & my second trip to this shop together, first trip was by bus.

After going the scenic way (my fault) we got onto the correct road and off we travelled. Parked the car in a hour park and across the road we went.

Now in this shop its run by a husband & wife team (beautiful people) and hubby was there today. So he chatted with Pat between serving people and helping us out.

I asked about a pen for writing on these labels I had bought and he said they had a great range of labels. Bad Lucky raised her head again.

Check out the ones I picked up at Riverlea Cottage.

This is Moda fabric too.

I also bought a Micron 05 brown pen after a great demo of them and a tip on how to write without the material moving. Put some visafix on the back to help stable your material as you write and then remove if needed.

So today I bought items for what I thought were genuine reasons.

I bought my labels I have been searching for since sometime at the start of the year..... now I found them, I couldn't just walk away.

Had to buy the right pen to write on this material...

Bad Lucky, bad Lucky................ I bought a fat 1/4 for the hell of it. For my stash.

Isn't it darling???? So pretty. I thought I haven't had a piece of new fabric for my stash for a long time. I think its been a long time?? Oh well I'm sticking to that story.

Then it was home to where Deb's staying. Hug and a kiss bye as she's back off tomorrow to the sheep station where she lives. Back home to our place for a much earned cappuccino (I make a killer one).

Said to Pat, don't need to go near a fabric shop for a while now. Though Deb & I are going to the Quilting fair at the end of this month. But there I will be chasing embellishments. I so want some of those lacy butterflies, as I can't find them when I am out and about.

Also I said to Deb about us buying each other 2 fat 1/4's of material at the Quilting fair for each other's "Breast of Friends" quilt. So there is a bit of each other in our quilts. Deb loved the idea.

So until the fair...I'm on the wagon. Strapped tightly I might add.

So there you have it. What a FAB TAB of a day we had. Now I am turning into "Good Lucky" for a couple of weeks.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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bon008 said...

Hmm.. from now on I will no longer be saying "like a kid in a candy store" - it will be "like Lucky in a quilting store"!!! :D

They all sound like practical purchases to me :)

Lucky-1 said...

Oh Bon these shops are just "so" lol. Such pretty fabrics and off all sorts of styles.

Karen's Korner said...

I am soooo proud of you. Not Bad Lucky at all - I say Good Lucky. Keep up the good work

Lucky-1 said...

LOL thanks Karen. I'm really happy with my latest buys....

Gloria said...

Lucky those labels with the bears are adorable... Great find....Good Lucky