Thursday, October 15, 2009

20% Off Buys

Today Spotlight are having a 20% off sale and for once I was able to go and spend some $$$. Pat & I picked up my sister Deb and after setting Pat up with the Advertiser and a coffee, off to Spotty we wandered.

Now on a sale day at Spotlight, one has to be prepared for lots of people and slower service at the counter when having material cut. Well this is how I see and think of it, when going on a sale day.

I wanted a few items and Deb was also after bits & bobs for her projects.

These fat 1/4's and the 1/4 metre of yellow and 1/2 metre of the brown will go just nicely with my "Breast of Friends" quilt. Still after a couple more of the greens & beige/lemon colours.

Over on Among The Gum Trees there are some free Christmas patterns and the little bag is just what I am wanting to make for Amy & her future mum in law for Christmas. The blue is for Ann & the mauve is Amy's. I'm thinking a lovely hand made soap will finish the bag off nicely.

Now when at Spotlight its almost law to buy a little something for the sewing room. Well I think so.

I love ric rac and braid so I couldn't help myself picking up little extra bits. More of the variegated DMC cottons for my collecting and a new pencil for marking on fabric.

Very happy with my savings and after a dentist visit before I went to Spotty....... I think a shop like this was just what the numb mouth and nose needed.

Finished it off back at Deb's daughter's place for a cuppa and a fresh ham/salad roll for lunch.

What's happening tomorrow??? So glad you asked.

Picking Deb up at 10 am and off to Quiltaholics tomorrow over on the Parade in Magill and then to Unley to Riverlea Cottage for another drool at their fabric. Riverlea Cottage is where I bought the first batch of material for my Breast of Friends quilt. Sounds like a fun day in my books.

Going to keep my eye open for some greens, creams and lemons for my quilt.

So while you lovely people are slogging it out in your day.....think of us drooling and petting quilting fabrics.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Karen's Korner said...

Looks like you cleaned up big. Yep I agree you just have to be patient and prepared for a loooong wait at Spotty and especially on sale day. I stood for 50 minutes waiting to be served tonight but I am not complaining as I did well also!

clare's craftroom said...

Good for you ! You bought some lovely things .

bon008 said...

Wow, you did really well there Lucky :)

Can't wait to see more photos of your sewing projects!

susanm said...

You are one lucky girl!!!!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

- you did very well. Have a fab time today visiting the other shops. Can we expect another blog update this arvo??? :0)

Lucky-1 said...

What a buzz waking up this morning to 5 lovely comments. Thank you all so much.

Yes I am hoping there will be an update blog this afternoon:D

Gloria said...

Very nice stuff Lucky 1
Can't wait to see what they make...
Happy sewing!!