Friday, September 18, 2009

About That Box

Yesterday I posted a photo about a purple box. I thought I'd tease you for a few hours.

Now the unveiling.

Debbie has been talking about making the "Breast Of Friends" quilt for a while. As we are so close and share just about everything in our lives, I said to Deb about us both making the quilt together. Deb jumped at the idea. Lots of emailing photos back and forth as Deb lives on a sheep station.

So while out yesterday I was given some helpful hints in fabrics, once I had said the colour scheme I was going with.

I have been touching, fondling and stroking what has to be the most beautiful looking and feeling fabric. There is enough fabric to start the first block.

This afternoon, I'll photo copy the pages from Deb's magazines.

I also saw some stunning little packs of fabric and I just had to have one.

Thinking a little table runner maybe from these fat 1/8th.

All spread out to show you how pretty they are. Check out the cats......... aren't they so cute???

Between Deb and the lovely lady at Riverlea Cottage, I have a better understanding of colour matching.

Still lots to learn and we are all learning for that matter everyday. So you know what I am going to say next.......

Your only limited by your imagination.


Tozz said...

You have had lots of fun lately Leanne with getting all sorts of different fabrics...its such fun isnt it? I look forward to your Breast of Friends BOM :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Vicki:D I can't wait to start.

susanm said...

That cat fabric is sooooooo lovely and you sure have some lovely fabric collections.