Saturday, August 22, 2009

Apron Swap.

Over on the Craft Forum I decided to try my luck in the apron swap. It was a down the line swap and I was to make one for Petunia and Purple Wick was to make me one.

This was a big step for me as I haven't ever made any kind of clothing by sewing machine or hand sewing. Let alone have it being sent to someone I haven't met.

Petunia was very kind to send me a true and tried pattern of her's and I felt confident enough to tackle this swap.

This is what I made her. The pockets were lined as well as the apron itself. I hand stitched hearts onto the pockets and added some lace at the tops. I also machine sewed little hearts around the neck line and on the straps.

I sent a collection of heart buttons for Petunia to put the neck strap where she felt comfortable with it.

Purple Wick blew me away with the apron she made me. It's green paisley.

With machine embroidery on the front pocket.

Also around the hem.

The apron is lined with green floral material.

I'm going to take it with me on craft day to show the girls. Gosh its almost too lovely to use in the kitchen. lol

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Karen's Give Away

I read the blogs I follow or subscribe to like people read the newspapers. Rather read good stories than sad and depressing news on a daily routine.

Karen over on Sew Many Ways is having an amazing give away. Its a great way to learn of other people who have blogs.. so why not have a look and enter the give away while your there mrgreen

Folder For Blocks

Last night I blanket stitched the applique on the green fabric. By the time I was finished it was 11 pm and I crawled into bed.

Today I finished off the cardboard project.

Outside of the folder. I used 640 iron pellon on the back of the green fabric to give it some padding.

The cardboard will be used to support the insides of the folder. With the use of a glue gun, padding was glued to the cardboard. This was to help me keep the wadding in place when I put it all together later on.

After both pieces of fabric were sown and turned the right side out, looking like a large pillow case. The first piece of padded card board was slipped in and material pinned in place near the spine area.

The area was then stitched, forming a spine for the folder. The last piece of padded card board was added, the end was hand stitched to finish it off.

What am I going to use this for?

Its for when I am traveling to keep the blocks I am working on, safe and sound. I did forget to add a slip of material on the inside near the spine of the folder. But I didn't forget the handles. I know what one I am glad I didn't forget. lol

All finished and ready for use.

I saw these last Tuesday at our craft day and thought what a good idea. I have made mine from memory and to the size I wanted mine to be.

The house (from a cushion pattern) I enlarged when I photocopied it. Chooks shrunk to the size I wanted and they came from a chook quilt pattern.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's With The Box?

Now I bet your wondering what I am going to do with these two pieces of cardboard I cut from a big chip box?

If you were at our craft group the other day, you will know.

The front of what I am making. Going to sit in about 30 mins time with the afternoon TV shows on for company and blanket stitch the applique. Hoping to have it completed before I go to bed tonight. If not then by lunch time tomorrow. I'll take photos as I go of what I am making.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Look What I was Given

Its my birthday on Monday. My sister Debbie & her hubby Paul called in last night for a cuppa and while we were swapping this and that in my sewing room, I was given a birthday present.

Just love presents and was I thrilled when I unwrapped my gift.

Inside a lovely green piece of material was a green bag.

Oh isn't it just beautiful?? So love the colours used... green is my most fav colour. The embelishments finish off the bag spot on.

This will come in handy when I am doing hand embroidery in the lounge or rumpus room at night. No more loosing cotton threads, DMC cottons or anything else I bring out. Forever having to stand up and go searching for things.

But there is more.......

Inside was a matching coaster for my sewing room.

Thanks Deb I love them. Oh yeah, I had asked this week for the pattern as I saw one of these little bags on craft day and fell in love with the size and style....just so cute.

Deb loved her cow I made her and the 2 little mice.

Great visit and as always..................... far too short.

Your only limited by your imagination.

Check Out This Give Away

Over on I Have to Say there is a wonderful give away. Why not check it out biggrin

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My First Quilt Block

Some people might think this is a little weird, but I am so proud of this block. Why you might ask?

Because its the first block for my very first quilt I am going to make. mrgreen To me this is just about the coolest thing since the last cold day we had here.

It's call, "Field of Dreams" (can't see Kevin Costner anywhere) from the Dear Jane quilt. Going with earthy tones for the colour way. Do you call it a colour way like I did with knitting..... new words are being learnt now I am sewing.

Picked a doosy didn't I for a first quilt?

The good news is, I have help. See I joined a craft group and the other ladies are making the quilt as well. So I am in good hands if I run into any problem.

Once a week I go and spend some hours with a group of talented and so amazingly friendly ladies I could meet. It's just mind blowing those hours......

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Over Run With Mice.

I have been over run with some country mice.

There was six in the family, but Millie our "Grand-Kitty" collared one as a toy. Maybe if the mouse had it's eyes & ears glued on and it's nose sewn on at the time.... it would have been able to get

The fiddliest part of making these mice was the glue gun. Man that stuff can get everywhere if your not careful. eek Gluing tiny eyes was the hottest part of the job, my finger tips are still tingling from the glue.

I have hidden them for the night and tomorrow I'll find a safe spot in the house out of cats way for 3 of them. Two mice are off to live in my sister's house.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Cushion

Today I remembered to get a size 20 cushion insert for my cushion I made.

I loved making this cushion in the swap I was involved in. So I made one for myself in earth tones.

Planning on making one in the pink/ purple colour way for my niece and a cream/burgundy theme for my sister.

So addicted to cushions mrgreen

Your only limited by your imagination.

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