Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Swaps And Bargains

I have a few things I want to show you today as these were either free, swaps or bargains and I am sure like me, you love swaps, free-bee's or bargains.

This butterfly material was my Feb swap and I just love it. Never seen this fabric before and I can see a bag in the making. Or something else that is special. Thank you so much Allison, the white mixed seeds will be sprinkled somewhere in my garden too, when the time is right.

Now for a free-bee. My Lincraft redemption voucher turned up and I had $10.00 to spend. Now concidering I had to spend $250.00 to get this, maybe it wasn't a free-be after all.

Anyway I added $2.00 to the voucher and bought a smaller ruler for those "little" jobs in my craft room. I wanted something to show for it and this little fella was on my wish list. Next voucher (when ever that is) will be one of those colour wheels. I so want one to help me pick colours that go together.

Now the bargains from my morning out.

This was meant to be sold as a complete bolt, but I was allowed to have 1 metre. I want some of those big tote bags to carry my sewing goodies to craft mornings. I have it and now I just need to make it up. Like the butterfly material above, its so different and I love it.

This frangapanni material was going out at a yellow spot special and there was another 50% off the spot special. So I bought 2 meters for $5.00 and will make another couple of pillow slips. Love those other ones I made.

I bought 2 metres of this for $3.00 and will make great linings for bags and such.

The paw material I got 1/2 meter for $1.00 the other piece was a couple of $$ in Big W. Going to make a bag for Amy & Ben's dogs groaming gear to be stored in.

This fat 1/4 was from Big W. Love the peacock and this is a pretty peice.

Another bargain from Spotlight, 1 meter for $2.00.

If your in the Muno Para area, this is the Spotlight I went to. Not sure if its an in house special only there or at all Spotlights.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Tozz said...

Looks like you had a ball with shopping :) lovely lot of fabric porn.:)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Tozz:) Picking up those really reduced materials, I was able to buy the bird material. Thank goodness I had a sales lady who was happy to open the bolt and let me have just that 1 meter.

Margarita said...

Lucky can I come shopping with you?

Lucky-1 said...

Sure Margarita :D more the merrier. LOL

TrishJ said...

Hi Lucky,
All that fabric for almost nix! I go green easily. You must have a great Spotlight.


Lucky-1 said...

I have 2 Spotlights I can visit. 1 in the city (by train) and 1 near me by car.

So I know what I can get in what shop:)