Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ricrac, Lace & Material.

Nothing like a few $$ in the old purse and a trip to Spotlight to remove those few $$$$ in that old purse.

A side of my stash that needed a bit of attention was the lace side and today I paid (pardon the pun) some attention to this.

Ooooohhhh ricrac, baby ricrac with mummy & daddy ricrac to the right. Even saw some Grand Pappy ricrac, but I resisted bringing the whole family home. After I had paid for everything, I was shown the teenager ricrac, all decorated with silver threads woven through it. That is on the hit list for other trips to Spotty.

I was facinated by the braid lace and thought this would look pretty on bags, cushions and other things. Some lace as well.

I was given $10 and spent that on material.

Quarter of teapot material.

Half a meter of Paisley, my first peice.

So on a whole, the trip was very rewarding.

Must resist going to Spotty for 14 days now.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Home of Creative Treasures said...

A nice assortment of goodies there....very nice indeed!

Lucky-1 said...


Karen's Korner said...

You are a "stimulus package" there. Mr Rudd will love you. LOL. Certainly got yourself a nice haul. I especially love the teapot fabric.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Karen. I just loved the teapot material and it comes in a light brown backing as well.

Home Made By Sallyanne said...

Now to put all those lovely goodies to Good use...............

Lucky-1 said...

Oh yes and I am going to have so much fun doing this too.:D

barb's creations said...

What a haul and all for $10 bucks....what a bargain.Can't wait to see what you make using these.Barb

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Barb, the $10.00 was just the material...... how much the rest cost.....we won't go there....LOL

clare said...

Always love ric rac and lace but the paisley .... beautiful .

susanm said...

I love ric rac. It makes such a nice decor on anything. And adds some color too. Interesting about the teenager and grandpa ones though.

Take care and hugs