Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh I Am So Lucky

Oh I am so lucky, I found this mistake before it was finished.

The cat quilt was coming at a lovely leisurely pace. Decided the pellon wasn't thick enough for my fur kids and went with some wadding.

I then started to pin the layers together and found I had run out of safety pins. Went and bought a packet and then completed pinning the quilt.

Then as I checked all the places I was to sew, marking the instructions making sure all was completed..... I couldn't find the 3rd panel......


I hadn't sewn the last 2 panels to the sides. This also explains why I have those 2 wide sides of wading and backing, doing nothing as it's stuck to the kitchen table.

So now I need to unpin all the quilt, sew on the last boarders, pin it again and then with any luck quilt and do the binding.

Then I think it'll be ready for the cats to curl up on with a saucer of milk and a good DVD.

Don't forget to tell me what makes you happy. I have 2 prizes up for grabs.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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