Friday, March 13, 2009

Of Pins & Puppies

I was so excited to show you my lovely pin cushion from Sandy, I forgot to show you the one I made for Linda in the mini pin cushion swap.

After making "wobby" for myself as my first project I wanted this pin cushion to be special. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and Linda said she loves it.

Made a dog grooming bag for Amy & Ben. It was really cute when I told them about me making something for their 2 dogs. Ben said to Amy straight away, "He'd tie it to the dogs bed, so they can't rip it to bits". I thought that was so sweet of Ben.

Front of bag.

The pattern is from the "handmade" magazine, Vol 26 #7. Once again I didn't follow the pattern exactly. I didn't want to do the embroidery I wanted the material I had bought special for the bag.

Back of Bag

Instead of buying some tie rope for the draw string part. Pat had a pair of long shoe laces and the colour suited it, spot on.

I am going to make one for our cats as well. Their brushes are hanging on the laundry taps in a stupidmarket bag. I think a bright bag will be better.

Your only limited by your imagination.

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miss~nance said...

Well done on thepic cushion. I love the dog grooming bag. Might have to seek out that mag and make one for our dog's brushes.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks miss~nance:)