Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm So Happy

This news about the homespun material couldn't wait until tomorrow. Just had to tell you all today.

An hour ago I rang Spotlight regarding the way my meter of material was cut. I was encouraged to bring it back and they'd have a look at it.

Well, I am just so pleased with the result of the trip back.

I went in and spoke to a lovely lady who listened to what I had to say and answered my questions. Then she said I could have new piece of fabric.

Unrolling what was left on the bolt, she said I could have the whole lot for my troubles and driving back to the shop.

I'm so happy.

The replacement piece turned out to be 2 meters in length.

As I thanked her for the bonus material, she said she was pretty sure I'd have no problem in finding uses for all the material. Then blow me down, I was allowed to have the meter of material I had originally paid as well.

So it pays to speak in a nice clam voice when telling anyone "why your not happy" when returning a product. Sometime is really pays off.

Two thumbs up to "Spotlight" for their customer service in helping me out.

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barb's creations said...

WOW what a fantastic outcome for you.I'm happy to hear customer service isn't totally dead.Have fun making up items with your extra fabric.Barb

Lucky-1 said...

Oh Barb I was just floored when I left the shop.

clare said...

Well done and good on Spotlight for their courtesy .
clares craftroom

Home Made By Sallyanne said...

well done there Lucky & Spotlight. One thing I have found out the hard way is unless the material is measured with a ruler and cut with a rotary cutter I always allow that bit extra as I have been caught with inaccurate cutting.

Tozz said...

Good on you for getting great results from Spotlight and what a lovely bonus too!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Sally. We spoke about this we got together once. Rotary cutting looks so much nicer.

Thanks Tozz & Clare:D

Karen's Korner said...

Well done for pursuing the problem and a positive outcome.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Karen. Wasn't sure what the out come was going to be.... but it was worth the trip back to the shop for sure:D