Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Give Away # 1

I'm having a give away to celebrate.... lets see ..... 2 of the many items I bought yesterday at "Spotlight" that just made me so happy.

Yes I am excited and pleased with my little 20% off bargains at Spotlight.

Before we get to the 2 prizes up for grabs. Lets look at 2 of the bargains I bought that got me all excited and revved up about.

A colour wheel as I don't want to be a dill pickle down the track and put the wrong colours together. I was going to wait until my next Lincraft redeeming voucher........but that could take forever.

Second "what makes me happy" is this material.

How stunning is it??

Think of the items that could be made by take a rotary cutter too it. All those little squares for bags and what ever else I can create. I bought a meter of this baby.

Also bought some other beautiful material as well. Floral & some leopard for the backing of the cat's quilt.

Now the give away.

I want to share some of this lovely material with 2 lucky people. I have cut both pieces 18 in X 19 in. Pretty sure that is what it was.

Okay first prize is a bit bigger than second prize. I also bought the novelty buttons yesterday as well.

Second prize has smaller lace and ribbon.

You can pretty well see what is in each prize.

Now how do you enter....glad you asked.

All entries will be published on the comments area on my blog.

In 25 words or less, tell me (and everyone who reads them) what makes you happy. As you can tell....nothing overly flash makes me very happy. I am a very easily excitable person and love to share this.

To pick the winners.

I'll be printing all entries out......Pat will read them and pick 2 winners. He won't have anyone's names linked to the entries. This makes it fair and so start thinking and entering.

Draw date is 30th March and will be posted to you on the 31st.

I'll announce the winners on my blog and I'll get you then to send me your postal address via the comment page and this will not be published.

Have fun as I know I will be at my end.

Winning entries will be final.


Your only limited by your imagination.

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MissyMack said...

What beautiful fabric you have there! Such lovely colours.
What makes me happy? So many things! Most of all, my family, my pets, and a packet of Tim Tams!

Kimba4 said...

A happy healthy family and three beautiful grandchildren,my husband by my side and sewing to my hearts content makes me happy.

barb's creations said...

MMMMmm What makes me happy? A husband who understands that when I dissapear from his side he knows to look in the nearest fabric/craft shop for me.He even points out ones I sometimes miss,how good is that.Barb

Ondrea said...

Angels, rainbows, colours, some sleep,being pain free,stitching,my man's love, my children, parents and having a home all make me happy. Forgot Champagne!

sandra said...

as long as everyone around me is happy, then I am happy too.

Tozz said...

Having my family all happy makes me happy and of course having the ability to be able to go shopping for more fabric :)

Rest is not idleness said...

I like your colour wheel Lucky, I'm thinking I need one of them now :)
What makes me happy? Having a good book to read, good health, a happy husband, lots of fabric to sew, a purring cat, and lots of rain!!!

miss~nance said...

Many things make me happy. a husband who knows how much I love to craft that he is happy to do most of the housework.

Home Made By Sallyanne said...

Healthy wealthy and wise would be ideal happiness but just waking up each day makes me happy

Debs said...

Great prize Lucky.

What makes me happy is...Family, friends and of course my sewing.