Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Beautiful & The Annoying

This arrived in the post the other day and it's it just beautiful? A RAK was sent to me and I have no idea who it was from.

Just love the idea of the pin cushion at eye level when removing pins from fabric while sewing. Also the threads in bin will be much better than on the floor.

Thanks so much to the lovely and kind person who sent me this RAK.

Now on a totally different subject. The annoying.

Check out the photo below.

Just over 2 inches out with their cutting at "Spotlight" yesterday. I'm doing my blog as I wait for the shop to open. As I am going to ring them and have a chat about their cutting.

This is very frustrating as I would loose a good amount if I was to cut and straighten this up. Its almost from the start of the fabric and as it goes down, it gets wider.


I'll let you know the out come tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow.....

Today is the last day you can enter the give away I am having. The two people who win will be announced tomorrow morning. You can find the give away here

Your only limited by your imagination.

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Kim said...

I've had this sort of careless cutting done to my purchases as well and it's not very funny when you are stuck with it. I have actually insisted that my fabric be cut again because of this - the shop owners really frown on this - so perhaps they should instruct their employees to do a good and fair cut the first time out.

Hands Sew Full said...

Oh a bad cut really makes me frustrated! Especially at the shops that practically cut the tips of their fingers off when measuring. They leave absolutely NO margin for cutting errors. In town we have one shop that actually uses a cutting mat and rotary cutter. They are close to the line but at least the edges are straight! Hope it works out.