Sunday, January 4, 2009

About That Oven Mitt.

This afternoon, while Pat rests I am cutting out material for the new oven mitt and the second block for the cat's quilt. He's feeling his lungs today and a lot of pain along with it. So I am just keeping busy and quiet at the same time.

That Chilli oven mitt has been annoying me...... works fine, just tight. So I am going to have another go at making it.

This material I think is so pretty and I just had to buy a metre of it. Have you ever looked at a bolt and thought.... I so have to have some of that?

Figured I have enough to use a bit for the oven mitt.

One thing you'll find on this blog as with my other 3, I am very honest. So lets take a look at the first mitt.

I think I didn't sew it close enough to the edges. redface With the instructions, it said to quilt the sides first before sewing the edges together. After quilting the first one and it being a bit off and uneven edges.

The second one, I sewed the edges first with a zig-zag stitch. This seemed to keep all 4 pieces more even and in place. Then I quilted it.

So this time I have more of an idea of what I am doing. Also I am getting more savvy with my machine too.

I really do hope to have some good news in the next day or so about this mitt.

Until then....hoo roo

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clare said...

Lovely fabric Lucky yes I would have had to have some of that too .
Clare's Craftroom

barb's creations said...

You go girl...Nothing can keep you down,even a tight oven mitt! can't wait to see the results of your brainstorming.Barb

Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Lucky,
Happy New Year to you too.
You are obviously having a lot of fun with your new sewing machine.
That's a good idea to make a trial block before you make the swap one. I know exactly what you mean about buying fabric, I had to hold myself back on Saturday.
Happy sewing

Debs said...

Hey Lucky maybe if you left your hand in water over night it might shrink!! The mitt looks great and if it needs a home, send it my way :) I often look at bolts of fabric and think about taking them home!! Of for a money tree out the back.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks girls for all your encouragement:D I have concord the oven mitt.