Saturday, December 6, 2008

While I Am Waiting

While I am waiting I have been fiddling big time with all 4 blogs. I feel like a kid who is looking in a lolly shop window or desperate for the loo and is hopping from foot to foot...... waiting and wanting.... mrgreen

Though I did find time today for some knitting. Knitted up the 3rd of 4 dishcloths for Amy's kitchen. She moves out in 2 weeks. razz This dishcloth is so soft and a FAB TAB of a size, Amy is going to use it as a face wash cloth.

I helped my sister Deb pretty up her swanky new blog called SewDeb via the phone. Sorted out the 3 percentage charts on the right side of your screen. I use these over on My Knitting Box as well. So thought I'd use them here as well.

Had to put something in all 3 listings..... just to make me feel better. lol

One day closer to my machine and then..the fun starts.

Until next time.... hoo roo


creativetreasures said...

I see you have been to the same site to pretty up your blog background..... looks lovely!

Lucky-1 said...

Hello CT:D A few blogs I visit regularly use the same site to pretty up their blogs. Figured after spending time helping SewDeb today.... I thought what the heck.... lets do it as it's been on that to do list for so long.