Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Of Mice & Beads

I was in Spotlight yesterday chasing down a few items and seeing as I am still pretty well talking to myself I think I can safely show what I have bought for a person once I have finished making it.

First off this is for our Christmas tree. It says 7 years and up...... I'm well past 7 years of I think I should manage this little mouse project. He was looking at me as I waited in the line to be served. Thank goodness I am not an impulse shopper in the stupidmarkets. lollol

I have just not long ago been introduce to beads and man is this addictive. Some I bought as I want to make a gift for a lady on a forum.

Some I bought because I thought they were pretty. Also going out with 75% off helped to convince me not to leave them behind.

These beads are for something I want to make as a gift.

Close up of the main beads in what I will be making. Just love the patterns on them.

Also today I introduced myself over on a sewing forum called Craft Club here I will learn heaps from these sewing folks and hopefully be able to show off some of my own items.

Until next time....hoo roo

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